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Lengvarský: The new OP plus regime should apply from 19 January –


According to him, quarantine could be changed.

BRATISLAVA. High-risk events, such as weddings or celebrations, should be covered by the new OP Plus regime from 19 January.

Only a person with three doses of vaccination against the disease could take part in the event Covid-19, a person who has overcome the disease or a person with two doses vaccines and test.

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This was stated by the Minister of Health in the TV show Markíza Na telo Plus Vladimir Lengvarsky (OĽaNO nominee).

“Somewhere two vaccinations will be enough, a high-risk activity will already require a test. A third dose or test for vaccination will be needed in case of participation in weddings, carols, celebrations, balls,” the minister said.

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The OP plus regime should also apply to the operation of hotels or the organization of certain sporting events. For children, a test they take in schools should suffice.

The colors in the current COVID vending machine should also be canceled. “With today’s rapid development, we would have sprinted from green to black in the districts in two weeks,” Lengvarsky explained.

According to him, the quarantine, which currently lasts ten days, could also undergo changes.

“If there is a risk of high staff shortages, we will re-evaluate the length of the quarantine. However, this will depend on the vaccination status,” the head of the department indicated. The shortest quarantine, probably three days, would apply to people with three doses of the vaccine.

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