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Gasoline and diesel prices have been falling slowly for several weeks. The turning point will come in a few days –


For several months now, Slovak motorists have been bothered by relatively high fuel prices. They reached their ceiling in November and in recent weeks to see a gradual decline. However, this is only a temporary phenomenon. In a few days, the price tags at the gas stations will start to scratch up again.

Thus, a year ago, we refueled a liter of petrol for an average of 1.2 euros. Even then, there was a significant price increase, as only a few months earlier, diesel, but also gasoline, could be refueled for one euro without a few cents.

We can definitely forget about this period. 2021 was a year of rising prices. Gasoline companies rewrote their price tags from week to week until a liter of petrol cost an average of 1.5 euros. At some pumps, the price even hit the 1.6 euro mark and 1.4 euros per liter for diesel.

We cannot expect cheaper petrol and diesel

Price growth stabilized in November, with a slight decline in the following weeks. At the turn of the year, we refueled a liter of petrol for 1.46 euros and diesel for 1.36 euros. According to the expert, pleasant news is over. Motorists have to prepare for higher prices. And that is due in a few days.

“The decline in fuel prices will end in the coming days and by the end of January there will be an increase of 2 to 3 cents per liter. The reason is the rise in oil prices to $ 82 per barrel, which is the highest price since the end of November. A month ago, the price was $ 75 per barrel, “explained commodity analyst Boris Tomčiak.

In practice, this means that, on average, it will again reach the price level of EUR 1.5 for petrol or EUR 1.4 for diesel. Even long-term assumptions do not bode well, as global oil consumption is growing and we will reach a pre-pandemic maximum in the second half of the year.

“Fuel prices will remain at the current elevated level for some time to come. A significant reduction in prices is unlikely due to the high consumption, “said Tomčiak.

In Slovakia, prices are higher even in comparison with the surrounding countries. And in some cases, there is a significant difference. In Poland, for example, drivers refuel a liter of petrol and diesel “only” for 1.25 euros. They are also relatively good in Hungary.

In general, we have the most expensive petrol in the region, the more expensive diesel is only in Austria and the Czech Republic. According to the analyst, in the long run, higher excise taxes and, in part, higher distribution chain margins may be responsible for this situation.



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