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The technicians of the Digital Foundry site are renowned for their in-depth analyzes of the video game industry, to the point of becoming a true reference in the field. One of the latest videos launches into a daring, if not controversial, comparison by asking a simple question: Could a 2017 Xbox One X compete with a 2020 Xbox Series S? The conclusions of their analyzes might surprise you …

The Xbox One X has not said its last word!

Remember, it was 2017: Microsoft surprised its world with the most powerful game console on the market for the living room. The Xbox One X offered gamers unparalleled performance and native 4K definition on over a hundred optimized games. Above all, it marked a marketing turning point for the brand, which would now offer two ranges of consoles: the “S” for immediate accessibility and the “X” for cutting-edge technological performance.

When the Series were formalized and their characteristics made public, those of the “S” surprised to the point of opening the debates and a taboo question: would the Xbox One X be more powerful than its little sister? The Digital Foundry site compared the two devices for a showdown cross-gen direct. To achieve the following results, the Xbox One X has been equipped with a Samsung T7 external SSD; the most affordable way to get close to the performance offered by that of the Xbox Series S.

Digital Foundry’s analysis emphasizes three fundamental points of comparison: performance on recent games (Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Far cry 6, etc.), load times and backward compatible games.

Recent games

We saw it during our big test of the Xbox Series S: the visual performance of the smallest of Microsoft consoles is clearly below what the Xbox One X can offer. To this, no surprise since the Series S aims to broadcast games in 1440p (possibly upgraded). scale in 4K), while the One X targets native 2160p. In fact, many games are displayed in 1080p on Series S. Our example on Gears 5 is also striking and the conclusions of Digital Foundry arrive at the same result: yes, recent games are much more beautiful visually on One X, but are fishing in terms of frame rate where the 60 FPS of the S Series remains constant . On this first point, the two consoles are given equally and the choice will depend on what you are looking for: performance on Series S or quality on One X.

Loading times

Regarding the second point, there is no match: the processor of the Xbox Series S coupled to the internal SSD allows clearly reduced loading times compared to the previous generation. However, pairing an Xbox One X with a recent external SSD offers some interesting performance that will reduce in-game load times by almost 50% (or even more), bringing this combination closer to what the Xbox Series S offers. The Ascent is very telling: from 128.9 seconds of loading on the internal HDD of the One X, this time drops to 30.8 seconds with an external SSD! Note that the Series S displays an almost similar time of 30.3 seconds which could be due to poor optimization by developers on the last generation, but the result is still striking. The Xbox Series S clearly emerges as the winner on this second point, which is loading time. It should be noted, however, that the external SSD on Xbox One X will also allow certain texture-intensive games, such as Cyberpunk 2077, to see the elements of the decor displayed more quickly.

Backward compatible games

Our conclusions were the same when testing the Xbox Series S: Backward compatible games like PUBG are significantly inferior to Microsoft’s latest kid. This is explained by the fact that it is technically incapable of being able to launch the versions optimized at the time for the Xbox One X. We must therefore be satisfied with the Xbox One S versions of Xbox One or Xbox 360 games. game such as Final Fantasy XIII will triple its resolution from 576p to 1728p on Xbox One X, where the Xbox Series S will offer an improvement to 1152p, or a resolution doubled. On older generation games, aliasing is therefore much more visible on Series S and the final rendering is much less clear. Conversely, the Xbox Series S, thanks to FPS Boost technology, will see some games increase their broadcast frame rate for a smoother playing feel. Games like Prey Where DOOM will therefore offer two completely different experiences, offering detailed graphics on one side or increased fluidity on the other.

Count the points

The game is difficult, but several points emerge from Digital Foundry’s analysis. The first is that the Xbox One X remains a very competitive console in 2022 when it is coupled to an external SSD: thanks to its detailed graphics, it will allow the player to launch games from the Xbox to the Xbox One (even Xbox Series via the Xbox Cloud Gaming) in a version without graphic compromises. Games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or Cyberpunk 2077 are doing very well. On the other hand, and despite an impressive technical sheet, the original internal hard drive and the lack of latest generation hardware will ultimately prevent it from running the novelties.

This is where the Xbox Series S comes in: less powerful on paper, the smaller Xbox is an ingenious blend of technology capable of optimizing games to make them run smoother. Recent updates or the addition of the FPS Boost feature give older generation games a hell of a makeover. Regarding current games, she has repeatedly shown that she can keep pace with the Xbox Series X: the experience Matrix Awakens Where Microsoft Flight Simulator are breathtaking on Series S, despite some graphics concessions.

If you own an Xbox One X and do not want to invest in the current generation, it would seem that it remains an interesting choice in 2022, provided you add an external SSD. This duo will offer an experience very similar to the Xbox Series S and will somewhat extend the lifespan of this beautiful console, queen of the previous generation. But at what cost ? It will cost at least 90 euros to enjoy these performances on Xbox One X thanks to the Samsung T7 SSD. Note that the Titanium Gray color is the cheapest.

Buy Samsung T7 SSD on Amazon

  • Samsung T7 500 GB Titanium Gray SSD: 90 euros.
  • Samsung T7 1TB Titanium Gray SSD: 129.99 euros.
  • Samsung T7 2 TB Titanium Gray SSD: 249.10 euros.

Conversely, the Xbox Series S offers a great gateway to new gaming trends at a lower cost compared to its sister, the Xbox Series X. Ultimately, it’s all about time: once the multigenerational policy has been put in place by Microsoft When it comes to term, the Xbox One X will be dated for the current generation and this is where the Xbox Series S will definitely take over. But will she be able to keep up with the whole generation? This analysis shows that the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series S remain very relevant choices depending on what we favor: graphics quality or fluidity. What if we want to have both at the same time? It is undoubtedly towards the Xbox Series X that it will be necessary to turn.



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