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Strong words from the Hungarian opposition to Orbán: The time has come to overthrow the corrupt regime! – NEW TIME


The time has come for a change – on April 3, the soulless, corrupt and greedy regime of Viktor Orbán will be overthrown. On Tuesday, the Hungarian six-party opposition alliance In Unity for Hungary responded to the announcement of the parliamentary elections by President János Áder.

According to the website of the commercial radio station Klubrádió, the opposition group underlined in a statement that the change in Hungary will take place in 82 days. “Government-close oligarchs have amassed an incredible amount of wealth, and Fidesz politicians are writing laws to their liking.” it is written in the statement.

The leaders of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), MSZP, Jobbik, Politics Can Be Different (LMP), Dialogue and Momentum last year agreed to select a common candidate in the form of primaries for each of the 106 single-member constituencies, as well as the same procedure for selecting the opposition candidate. at the premiere. After the victory in the second round in October, Péter Márki-Zay, the mayor of Hódmezővásárhely, became the opposition candidate for the post of Prime Minister.



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