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A la carte dish by Danish chef Rasmus Munk, guest of “Top Chef” season 13

TOP CHEF – “Destabilizing, surprising and completely offbeat events”, promises host Stéphane Rotenberg. The show “Top chef” is preparing to return to M6 for a 13th season. And the 15 candidates of this 2022 edition will have to compete in imagination and creativity to succeed Mohammed sheikh, according to the first images we could see.

If Hélène Darroze, Philippe Etchebest, Paul Pairet and the “little” new Glenn Viel – who has replaced Michel Sarran – are there to support and coach the candidates who join their brigade, it is the guest chefs who have the luxury of choosing the themes of the tests and imposing the rules. And this season even more than the previous ones, the competition should be as visual as it is taste.

The list of guest chefs for this 13e The season is very long and contains a few “regulars” of the program, such as Pierre Gagnaire, Alexandre Mazzia, Dominique Crenn, Mauro Caulagreco or former winners Stéphanie Le Quellec and Jean Imbert. But it also includes a few personalities – French or international – followers of anything but traditional cuisine.

Top Creativity

“We have planned destabilizing, surprising and completely shifted events where we really push the cursor for the candidates”, smiles Stéphane Rotenberg during a meeting with the press, this Tuesday, January 11.

Thus, the candidates will have to surprise Rasmus Munk, a Danish chef prodigy only 30 years old who masters the art of provocation like no one else. To the customers of his restaurant “where you stay 6 hours at the table”, the two-star cook serves “digging eyes” to “evoke mass surveillance”, caged chicken feet or jellyfish “drowned” in edible plastic. “Once or twice a week, there are people who cry or who leave the restaurant”, he says amused.

Dominique Ansel, French pastry chef expatriated in New York, imagines “living desserts” that evolve on the plate. For his signature dish, a metaphor for a romantic breakup, he suggests that his guests literally set their plates on fire to transform the texture of the food. Charge to the 15 competitors to imagine in their turn sweets which move and “live” under the eyes of the chef.

Mike Bagale’s balloons

Among the other tests which await the candidates, one can also quote that of Mike Bagale, inventor of the “floating food” which inflates with helium balloons to eat with the salty or sweet taste. Or the Spanish chef duo Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch, at the helm of the two-star restaurant Disfrutar in Barcelona, ​​for whom a candidate will cook an avocado in … compost.

But in the middle of these spectacular and inevitably very televisual events, the televiewers of this season 13 of “Top Chef” will also find “the great classics” of the show, specifies the host Stéphane Rotenberg. The restaurant war, partly in click and collect like last year, the black box or “Who can beat Philippe Etchebest” test will also be there.

“It is not because we look in the avant-garde of cooking that it defines the whole season”, adds Paul Pairet, who promises that “everything will not be disconnected from everyday cooking” . A clever mix between “the wildest challenges” and “referent events” to satisfy all taste buds in short.

While the show’s finale has just been shot in a large Parisian kitchen headed by a woman, there are still a few weeks to go before seeing the 2022 “Top Chef” competition on the air on M6.

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