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Presidential 2022: “rise of hatred” against elected officials denounced to the Assembly, Mélenchon retoked on sponsorship … The political recap of the day – Le Monde


Le World keeps the logbook of the 2022 presidential election campaign: a daily update is published every evening at 7 p.m. which reviews the political facts of the past day and discusses the upcoming meetings.

  • News of the day: the government refuses to reform the 500 sponsorship system

It is almost a necessary step in every presidential campaign. Regularly, candidates criticize the rule of five hundred sponsorships of elected officials essential to obtain to compete in the ballot. The 2022 campaign is no exception to the rule. From Jean-Luc Mélenchon to Eric Zemmour, several applicants have questioned this system in recent days, which they consider too restrictive. Particularly since the 2016 reform which instituted the regular publication by the Constitutional Council of all the sponsorships of elected officials received and validated for each candidate.

Until then, only five hundred sponsorships per candidate had been made public by the Constitutional Council after drawing lots. “Let’s restore the anonymity of the sponsorships that [François] Holland and [Manuel] Valls had deleted in order to exert pressure “, in particular demanded, Monday, the candidate of La France insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, believing that it was possible to pass an organic law “Before January 27” to do it.

But his request was rejected on Tuesday by the government. “We do not change the rules of the game a few days before the match”, thus launched the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, on RTL. “The rules can always change since the Constitution and then the law of the Republic provide for these provisions”, corn “Since I was old enough to look at political life, it’s always the chestnut tree of winter”, he continued on RTL, believing that it is “Scope of any candidate” to collect 500 signatures, ie less than 2% of the 40,000 elected officials who can give a sponsorship. “In each presidential election, we hear candidates say that they are not sure how to get their sponsorships. And then, finally, they get there… ”, also launched Tuesday morning on Europe 1, the spokesman of the government, Gabriel Attal.

  • Image of the day: the presidents of groups in the Assembly denounce in unison the “rise of hatred”

Garages and cars set on fire, threats of beheading, throwing algae … In recent months, attacks against elected officials have multiplied against a background of mobilization against the restrictions by the government against the Covid-19. Tuesday morning, the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, announced that more than 300 complaints for ” death threats “ have been submitted by elected officials since July and the entry into force of the health pass. To protest against this situation, all the presidents of the political groups in the National Assembly arrived together Tuesday, January 11 in the hemicycle behind Richard Ferrand to denounce in unison the “Rise of hatred” against elected officials.

“It is the principles of democracy and the Republic which are in question”, launched the President (La République en Marche) of the Assembly at the beginning of questions to the government. “The National Assembly will always be at the side of its threatened members, attacked in any form whatsoever, including on social networks”, continued from the podium Mr. Ferrand, in a solemn declaration. To take stock of the number of cases identified and the judicial response provided, Gérald Darmanin and Eric Dupond-Moretti, the Minister of Justice, will be received on Tuesday evening by the President of the Assembly.

“I have decided to run for president. “

The liberal philosopher Gaspard Koenig announced, Tuesday, January 11, his decision to embark on the race for the Elysee, because he wants “Simplify” the life of the French by reducing “Per 100 the number of standards”, which he considers “A bureaucratic prison”. “I have decided to run for the presidential election”, he declared in “The Four Truths”, political interview of the morning show of France 2 “Télématin”.

Gaspard Koenig denounced the “Normative madness”, whose “Administrative simplification” will form the heart of his campaign, carried out under the label of his political movement, Simple, founded in May 2021. “President of the Republic, that does not make me dream. I don’t have the answer to everything, I’m not a savior ”, he admitted. The liberal philosopher, who supported Emmanuel Macron in 2017, however wishes to run for the post, because “Simplification is the mother of battles”, he argued.

  • The archive: The day when… François Fillon put security back at the heart of his campaign

Archive of the

In this recap devoted to the news of the electoral campaign, we will also evoke the past by returning each day to the highlights of the last presidential elections through an article from “The World”. Today, let’s go back five years… January 11, 2017.

In an article entitled “Blamed for his social project, Fillon relaunches on security”, the journalist Alexandre Lemarié returns to the air hole experienced by the right-wing candidate for the 2017 presidential election after the presentation of his project of “Radical break”, considered too brutal. “To no longer find himself on the defensive in the economic and social field, François Fillon has decided to be on the offensive on sovereign matters”, can we read in The world January 11, 2017.

For this, the candidate of the right makes a two-day trip to the Alpes-Maritimes by choosing a symbolic date: six months after the attack on the Promenade des Anglais and two years, to the day, after the great march organized in Paris following the attack on Charlie hebdo and that of the Hyper Cacher, in 2015. On the menu: a firm speech on the theme of immigration. “With this initiative, Mr. Fillon hopes to regain control in the face of his adversaries who constantly pound him on his desire to reform Social Security or to eliminate 500,000 civil servant positions”, explains our journalist Alexandre Lemarié.

“We must not let ourselves be locked in one or two subjects that go into a spin, but cover a wider field”, declared François Fillon, on January 3, during a meeting with his strategic committee, which brings together a dozen personalities, including Bruno Le Maire, Christian Jacob, François Baroin and Gérard Larcher. His team thus hopes that “This offensive on the sovereign will have another merit: to highlight – by contrast – the discretion of his rival, Emmanuel Macron, on questions of security, defense or foreign policy”, can we still read.

  • On the program Wednesday January 12:

On TV. Marine Le Pen, candidate of the National Rally (RN), will be the guest of BFM-TV, Wednesday January 12 from 8:30 am to 9:30 am, and will be interviewed by journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin. Purchasing power, security, Europe and even ecology should be discussed during this program to which the various presidential candidates will be invited over the coming weeks.

In the Assembly and in the Senate. The traditional questions to the government will be held in the National Assembly on Wednesday afternoon, while the bill on the vaccination pass will be examined from 4:30 p.m. in the Senate.



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