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Australia is groping, Djokovic is training behind locked doors. He was discovered by a drone –


Even the best tennis player in the world is not sure even after the verdict, which reversed the decision to cancel his visa. The Australian government can take them from him again. Tuesday was a kind of silence before the storm, the expected verdict did not fall. It is expected to take place on Wednesday.


Novak Djokovic trains in Melbourne. In the background is Goran Ivaniševič.

Only then will it be certain that the 20-time Grand Slam champion can defend the Australian Open title.

Premiere line

The problem is no longer the poorly filled in visa application, nor the exemption granted to Djokovic, or Covid, which he allegedly overcame. The authorities are currently investigating whether he provided true information when completing the arrival form.

The leader of the world rankings claims in documents that he did not go anywhere fourteen days before arriving in Australia. However, according to the media, he moved from Belgrade to Spain. The Serb said that the travel documents for him were filled in by the Australian Tennis Association. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, who has the power to revoke Djokovic’s visa again, is considering the matter.

A phone call on the Prime Minister’s Office also testifies to the fact that this is only a political case. Ana Brnabič asked Scott Morrison to treat Djokovic with dignity. He, in turn, explained that it was not discrimination, but border protection.

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“The dispute is not about Djokovic, cover and tennis. It’s about borders and sovereignty, “the portal also recalls. At the same time, however, he suggests that strict rules were not always followed during a pandemic. He also points out, for example, that while many Australians have been stranded away from home for many months, a few American Hollywood stars have made the country a temporary home.

Send him away

Even Australia is not as united in its attitude towards Djokovic as it initially seemed. “The government believes it has the power to ignore the decisions of our federal court. That is, it is above the law of Australia. However, I cannot imagine a more harmful statement that would break through on the world stage, “said the well-known Australian journalist Rob Gotliebsen.

Even among politicians, there are voices that Djokovic must be given peace after Judge Anthony Kelly’s decision. Liberal MP John Alexander, for example, sided with the Serb. According to him, there is no reason to revoke his visa. According to the survey, 87 percent of the Australian public wants the Serbian government to send it away.

By the way, a poll has been circulating on social networks for a few days now, asking: Who should hand over the trophy for the winner of the Australian Open to Djokovic? There are two options – Prime Minister Morrison or Judge Kelly.

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“Win it all,” Venus Williams wrote under Djokovic’s status on the instagram. Tom Brady, the most famous American football player, also joined. However, who should give him the prize did not say either.

But now seriously…

They hid him

While Australia continues to turn bad cards into hands – from now on, Djokovic has started training. A long flight to the opposite end of the globe plus a few days in a detention hotel meant a weekly training outage for him. It is more than a long time for a professional athlete preparing for a top event. Experts assume that it will be crucial for him to manage the introductory rounds.

The organizers of the Australian Open are doing everything possible and impossible to protect the Serbian champion from the public eye. “Djokovic seems to be training in the Rod Laver arena. The cameras are off, the doors are locked. They will probably not open until 4.30 pm, then it probably has an end scheduled, “wrote the American journalist and regular Djokovic critic Ben Rothenberg on Twitter.

There was a truly world-class unit on the court at the time. This was also evidenced by footage from a drone that was moving over the famous court in Melbourne at that time. The organizers of the first grand slam tournament of the season, meanwhile, have published a list of seeded players, and the defending champion appears in the men’s singles spider as a seeded unit.

“This is the moment when we can say that our grand slam has officially begun,” said Paul McNamee, a former famous Australian tennis player and later tournament director.

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However, it is not known at this time whether the spider will be reworked. Australian politicians did not decide on Tuesday, it may happen on Wednesday. Retired immigration lawyer Michael Todd thinks Morrison has no choice but will expel Djokovic. However, he claimed this before the trial.

There is nothing certain. On the contrary, everything in this case is uncertain. The start of the Australian Open is approaching.

The biggest match is not over yet.



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