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V. Lengvarský in Na telo PLUS: Next week we will introduce OP +, the division of districts will also be canceled –


11. 01. 2022 14:50 | BRATISLAVA /

The Minister of Health also said where people with two doses will go everywhere and what awaits the unvaccinated.

Vladimír Lengvarský in Na telo plus.
Photo: Lachkovič

Minister of Health Vladimír Lengvarský

in the show Na telo PLUS

confirmed that a new OP + regime would emerge and should apply from 19 January. It will include people after three doses of coronavirus vaccine or after two doses in combination with an overcome or a negative test.

Operations and services will continue to be available in the OP mode, resp. as before. High-risk events such as weddings, parties, celebrations, balls or some sporting events should be designated for OP +. The government should give the final definition in this regard.

According to the Minister, the old COVID machine should replace the new COVID manual. According to him, the division of districts according to colors will no longer make sense. “We would sprint from green to black in this situation in two weeks,” he said.

You will also learn from V. Lengvarský in Na telo PLUS:

  • Whether he would go on holiday to Oman again

  • What rules will replace the old covid slot machine next Wednesday

  • When and how the quarantine will be reduced

  • How the analysis of compulsory vaccination turned out and which population group will be first in line

  • How is Slovakia stocked with covid drugs

See the whole show:

You can also listen to the show in the form of a podcast:

Also read: We don’t know yet which dose of the vaccine will be last. Let’s hope that the third, V. Lengvarský answered the audience’s questions



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