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THE DEATH OF A FATHER († 82) Poets: He was still celebrating New Year’s Eve with his family… His sudden death shocked everyone! –


Information about the sudden death of legendary director and screenwriter Dušan Klein was made public on Monday morning. The information only said that the filmmaker had succumbed to a long illness in one of Prague’s hospitals. However, Český Blesk came up with the details that preceded the sudden death.

The Czech film world in mourning: The director († 82) of films about “poets” has died!

They approached the producer of the films How Poets Don’t Lose Hope and How Poems Wait for a Miracle by Miroslav Šmídmajer. He collaborated with Klein on the mentioned films and was in contact with him shortly before his death. Dušan allegedly celebrated the Christmas holidays and the arrival of the new year in the circle of his family. However, the turning point came on January 1.

„1. but he was taken to hospital on January 7, where he died on Sunday at seven in the evening. He has had health problems for two years now, but his family has to decide on their publication. ” said Lightning Smidmajer. “We called each other over Christmas, we last saw each other last summer. I promised to bring him the book The Secret of Film Speech, but I didn’t have time to give it to him anymore. “ Miroslav admitted.

Director Dušan Klein with Slovak top model Adriana Sklenaříková.

Source: Zuzana Čižmáriková / TOP TASR

Many could not believe the news of the sudden death of the legendary director. “When I made this sad news known to a few people, unbelieving news immediately started coming to me. Production Dufková described it exactly. She wrote: “Poets don’t die after all,” Šmídmajer revealed sadly. “Dušan was a great director, he knew how to solve everything with foresight, he was simply a loving man. Fortunately, he left a lot of movies here, ” he added.

His other well-known films include Good Pigeons Return (1988), Dear Friends, Yes (1989), Angel’s Eyes (1994) and Konto separato (1996). He has also produced TV series – Sins for Father Knox (1992), The Guardian of Souls (2005) and Confectionery (2010).



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