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Boris Johnson caught in a new scandal of a party organized in full confinement


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Boris Johnson is required to explain himself to British parliamentarians on Tuesday about a “garden party” which was allegedly organized at 10 Downing Street in May 2020, while the whole country was confined. The party is an embarrassing new revelation for the government, as at least five such parties are currently under investigation.

The Prime Minister again plunged into embarrassment: an “urgent” debate is being held Tuesday, January 11 in the British Parliament to ask Prime Minister Boris Johnson for explanations on an alcoholic party which would have been held in the garden of his residence on the 10 Downing Street in 2020, as the country was confined to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to ITV, the “Bring your own booze” invitation was emailed to around 100 people by Boris Johnson’s personal secretary Martin Reynolds, and the party drew around 40 people, including the head of government on May 20, 2020, as schools, pubs and restaurants were closed in Britain.

Repeated revelations

This reception, which Martin Reynolds specified that it would respect the measures of social distancing, awakens the echo of the sharp polemic caused by the diffusion of a video showing employees of 10, Downing Street joking about a Christmas party which s’ was held there in 2020, when the British were again under sanitary restrictions.

Faced with these repeatedly embarrassing revelations, the leader of the Labor opposition, Keir Starmer, felt that Boris Johnson no longer had the moral authority to run the country. Labor number two Angela Rayner intends to ask the head of government to explain himself during the debate in the House of Commons, the latter said, although it is not certain that Boris Johnson or one of his ministers will take the trouble to answer him.

“I really hope Boris Johnson takes this opportunity to answer questions. We have all made so many sacrifices. We have the right to know,” the Labor elected official wrote on Twitter.

Several Britons have been sued for having organized parties at the time of the “beer party” at the Prime Minister’s residence, and London police, who had so far refrained from investigating on the matter, said Monday that he contacted the Cabinet Office, one of the executive branches, to determine whether health laws had been violated at 10 Downing Street.

Boris Johnson’s services had not yet reacted to the ITV revelations. The Prime Minister had declared last month in the Parliament that the sanitary rules had always been respected during the receptions, while at least five holidays are currently the subject of an internal investigation.

Feeling of invincibility?

“All this seems to correspond well to the character of the Prime Minister: he thinks that he will always get by, that he can send the message that the rules which apply to others do not apply to him and his government,” he said. grumbled former Labor leader Ed Miliband.

Former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson also blasted the Prime Minister’s attitude, noting on Twitter that voters are “legitimately angry” at having had to forgo visiting sick relatives or attending funerals while the staff at 10 Downing Street were having feasts.

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