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DEPARTURE a month after giving birth: Vémol put on antlers with her friend … FACKY also flew! –


Wrestler Karlos Vémola and Slovak Lela Ceterová have a really tumultuous relationship. The eccentric couple broke up in the summer of 2020. The reason was the athlete’s infidelity. Settlements, engagements followed, and it didn’t take long for Lili’s daughter to take care of her sibling. The boy, named Rocky, was born in early December.

Lela Ceter gave birth to her son Rocky at the beginning of December.

Source: Instagram LC

I guess everyone was shocked by Carlos’ latest remarks. The wrestler revealed in an emotional video that they broke up with the mother of his children. “I found out he had an affair with another guy. It’s disgusting. He was my friend. When you catch your wife with a friend, the slaps start to fly. ” Vémola said, stressing that he had not even touched his unfaithful partner.

He also explained why he physically attacked the “friend”. “Not for sleeping with my wife, but for being a bitch. Not only to me, but especially to his wife, ” Carlos added. His ex-boyfriend’s wife has health problems and they also have two children together.

PHOTO: Carlos and Lela have a daughter Lili and a son Rocky.

The wrestler also shows in the video how he came to infidelity. He began to suspect that Lela had several luxury jewelry lately. When he found out where she got the money for them, she replied that she was making money on Instagram. However, his investigation had a different conclusion. It is also surprising that the blonde’s alleged lover allegedly bought luxury gifts from his wife’s inheritance.

“I will miss Lela. I am not a saint, I have also made many mistakes. But this is the official end of me and Lely. I’m sorry I lost a friend, I’m sorry I lost my wife, I’m sorry I’ll be less with the kids, I’m sorry I have to deal with this here on social media, ” Carlos concluded his public confession.

VIDEO: Carlos Vémola published a video in which he talked about the final break-up with Lela.



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