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We follow coronavirus in Slovakia minute by minute –


11. jan 2022 at 0:00 I Updated at 9:52

PCR tests revealed more than 863,000 infected with the coronavirus. The Covid-19 pandemic claimed 16,989 lives. The students returned to school, and the lockdown for culture ended.

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We follow coronavirus in Slovakia minute by minute:

9:52 SLOVAKIA – The Ministry of Health draws attention to the misinterpretation of the older decision of the Constitutional Court from December last year, which is spread through social networks.

In its decision (file no. PL. ÚS 4/2021), the Constitutional Court described as unconstitutional only specific parts of the Public Health Protection Act. Some of the errors made by the Constitutional Court have already been corrected by an amendment to the law.

Veil, quarantines, covid passports and the OTP / OP regime remain in force, the Constitutional Court did not “annul” these matters in any way by its decision.

9:31 WORLD – Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he had a covid for the second time and had mild symptoms.

Alone Mexico is a pandemic coronavirus hard hit and battling another wave of cases.

“I inform you that I am infected with a covidom and although I have mild symptoms, I will remain in isolation and will only do administrative work and communicate over the Internet until I get out of it,” the president wrote on Twitter.

9:07 SLOVAKIA – The situation in the covid wards of the Levoča hospital has significantly improved.

After a few months, there are only low occupancy beds intended for hospitalized with covid. The internal ward cared for two such patients on Monday.

According to her, an average of 25 to 28 patients were hospitalized there in November, which exceeded the capacity of the reprofiled beds.

7:50 AM WORLD – The United States has recorded a record 1.13 million new cases of coronavirus infection. This is the highest daily increase in the world, Reuters reported.

The previous record was 1.03 million cases and came from Monday, January 3; Mondays have high numbers also because many US states do not report new numbers over the weekend.

However, not all states reported new cases on Monday, so the final number will probably be even higher.

The seven-day average of new cases tripled to more than 700,000 new infections per day in two weeks.

7:09 WORLD – Offices in the eastern Chinese city of Anjang in Henan Province imposed a coronavirus lockdown concern for approximately 5.5 million locals.

It is the third largest Chinese city in which the authorities are trying to limit the spread of the disease among people in this way. The AP agency informed about it on Tuesday.

Immediately, according to the AP, it was not clear how long the lockdown in Anjang would last, as the authorities said the aim of the measure was to facilitate mass testing of people for covid. The authorities did not say whether the lockdown would end after testing the city’s inhabitants, the AP writes.

In addition to the city of Anyang, there is currently a curfew for about a million residents of the central Chinese city of Yuzhou and 13 million in Xianou, where the lockdown has been in place for almost three weeks.

6:59 WORLD – There were 7,336 new cases of coronavirus infection in the Czech Republic in the past day, which is more than two thousand cases less than last Monday. There are 2,353 patients with covid in hospitals, 416 of whom are in serious condition.

00:00 SLOVAKIA – The design of the new covid vending machine is ready. The government could discuss the proposal on Wednesday, and it would probably come into force on Monday, January 17.

Experts from the Science initiative are also opposed to its introduction, and a consortium of experts who commented on it. The main reason for their disagreement is the unpredictability of the variant omicron. What does the proposal look like?

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