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In Argenteuil, Valérie Pécresse responds to Emmanuel Macron on security – archyde


Two skies, two atmospheres, the same theme. If Emmanuel Macron laid the first stone, Monday January 10, of a police station under a magnificent blue sky in Nice, it is under the grayness and the humidity of the Ile-de-France that Valérie Pécresse went to visit the district of the station of Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise). City symbol of working-class neighborhoods since Nicolas Sarkozy had promised to ” get rid of “ its famous slab of its “Scum”, during the 2007 presidential campaign.

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The idea for the candidate of the Republicans (LR) party is not to insist on the “Kärcher”, a Sarkozy expression that she nevertheless unearthed last week, but to take the security question through the prism of city politics. His spokesperson and mayor of Taverny, Florence Portelli (LR), also indicates that his visit is in no way “A response to Macron”, but that it is rather “Macron who responds to Valérie Pécresse, since she has been talking about security from the start”. The campaign of the candidate of the right has indeed been strongly focused on these themes for several weeks, in order to consolidate the hard core of her electorate.

“Bring back social diversity”

His “stroll” in the city followed a course already partly surveyed by Jacques Chirac in March 2002, “A few weeks before his re-election”, underlines the mayor of Argenteuil, Georges Mothron (LR), who wants to see it as a favorable omen. “At the time he had not seen the same thing”, adds the elected, who wishes to highlight the renovations and changes that have taken place in Argenteuil, and more particularly in the area around the station: a thousand homes destroyed and rebuilt; bankrupt condominiums “Supported”. An evolution that Valérie Pécresse wants to set up as an example of what she wants to do. As a counterpoint to the images of Emmanuel Macron who went to Nice “Inaugurate a police station that does not even have a building permit yet”, explains the deputy for Ain Damien Abad (LR), present in Argenteuil,.

“Today, the president is chasing a subject which is one of the huge black spots in his record”, says Valérie Pécresse. She wants to show by her displacement that “Authority” is based on several pillars: strengthening the police force, but also urban planning and ” the success ” residents of the neighborhoods. “We need security, but also bring back social diversity. I want to be tough with the guys, but reach out to those who need it ”, she explains, recalling that one of the reasons that pushed her to embark on the presidential race is the public burial, by Emmanuel Macron, of the plan that Jean-Louis Borloo had concocted for the suburbs in 2018.

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