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Omikron has conquered another European country: Rapidly tightening measures – NEW TIME


The Swedish government announced on Monday the tightening of measures against the spread of coronavirus. It thus responds to the record numbers of people infected in recent days, mainly in the meantime the prevailing omicron variant. The new restrictions will come into force on Wednesday, AFP reported.

Bars and restaurants will have to close no later than 23.00 ha and there will be a maximum of 500 people at public gatherings. At public events with more than 50 participants indoors, a certificate of covid vaccination will be required. At present, these confirmations are mandatory at indoor events with more than 500 participants. A maximum of 20 people can be held at private indoor meetings.

The government recommends that adults limit social contacts and work from home as much as possible. The measures are expected to remain in force until mid-February, but will be reviewed every two weeks.

Last week, they set a series of new records in Sweden. Most of them were January 5 – 23,877. According to the government, the health system is also experiencing an onslaught.

Sweden has become known abroad for the fact that, unlike other countries, it has not introduced any lockdowns or closed schools since the beginning of the pandemic. The government only advised citizens to limit contacts and keep physical distance, while wearing towels remained voluntary. However, visits to retirement homes were prohibited. The government has also introduced limits on the number of participants in public gatherings and shortened the opening hours of bars and restaurants.

Sweden, with 10 million since the start of the pandemic, has recorded 15,300 covidom-related deaths at the European average. However, this is more than in neighboring countries, which critics have attributed to mild measures.



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