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A protest took place in Miloslavov for the incident: Vulgarmisms and assault! Another criminal prosecution –


Sunday, January 2, will be a black day in history for the village of Miloslavov. There was an unparalleled case in the local former cooperative. A group of 16-year-olds, including girls, were supposed to get drunk and beat up their 11-year-old girl. According to the testimonies, this should have happened shortly after dark, while the game should have everything ready in advance.


According to media reports, the whole thing broke out after young Andrea, who is not supposed to be local, accidentally spilled water with a soft drink from a teenager. Subsequently, they were to start pouring alcohol into it, specifically vodka, by drinking it into the dungeon. In addition, one of her teenagers – Ela – had to beat her so that blood ran from her nose and then undress her. However, the others did not help Andrei and they filmed and took pictures of everything.

SHOCKING case in Miloslavov: Teens lured a girl (11) to a former team! She ended up in the hospital

In Miloslavov, for

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It wasn’t until he got into a tough and someone in the party called the cops, and Ela was supposed to try to disprove Andrea. However, after the men of the law arrived, they allegedly said a completely different version, while Ela had to assure her friends that they were not in danger because she had a policewoman. According to media reports, Andrei even had to cover the cell phone with vodka to destroy the prints and clean up the crime scene so that they would not be suspected. The girl ended up in a children’s hospital in Kramáry in Bratislava.

Police: New prosecution!

The Bratislava police informed on the social network that since January 7, the case of the attack on the premises of the former cooperative in Miloslavov has already been dealt with by Bratislava criminal investigators. “In this context, the Bratislava Regional Criminal Investigator has initiated further criminal prosecution in the matter of the intentional criminal offense of injury to a protected person in a single act in conjunction with the intentional criminal offense of rioting committed in the form of complicity,” said police officers, who did not rule out that other crimes and prosecutions would be added to the crimes. “In the present case, all the necessary procedural steps are still being carried out in order to clarify it properly.” they added.

Čaputová: Schools should be a safe place

Politicians began to comment on a large scale. Among them is President Zuzana Čaputová. She condemned the attack on underage Andrea. She pointed out that children belong to schools and that constantly changing measures or isolation leave traces on their mental health. She emphasized that schools must remain a safe place and a stimulating space to help children cope with insecurity, stress, aggression and to help prevent violence and abuse. At the same time, she came across the right to the case of bullying in Miloslavov.

“This case also reminds us that our society is in an extremely challenging situation when we see an increase in aggression and tension. We must overcome it together and, among other things, build on good interpersonal relationships and mutual respect in families, communities, schools, workplaces, throughout our company, ” stressed the president. For this reason, she called on teachers and school staff to pay special attention to social relations in the school environment and to pay attention to manifestations of bullying or hatred.

Gröhling: Cruelty has pushed humanity to the back!

The Minister of Education, Branislav Gröhling, also commented on the whole matter. He also condemned the whole situation, and according to him, such violence has no place in our society. “In Miloslavov, a situation has arisen in which humanity and respect for man have been pushed into the background by cruelty, violence, pain and indecency. The whole ministry strives to return students to schools where, in addition to their teachers, classmates and classmates, they meet with understanding, understanding and support, ” Gröhling clarified, noting that the ministry communicated with the principal of the primary school in Miloslavov.

At the end of last week, the Speaker of the Parliament, Boris Kollár, also spoke about the whole matter. He had the Minister of the Interior, Roman Mikulec (OĽaNO), called on the coalition council to explain the doubts that the police knew and did not intervene about the children’s gang in Miloslavov. According to locals, the gang has been tyrannizing the villagers for two years. He also said that, if necessary, he would propose an amendment to the Criminal Code, “that such children who bully others end up in re-education centers until they reach adulthood ”.

The horrific incident from Miloslavov put people on their feet: The statements of their parents speak for themselves!

Archive VIDEO Kollár on the incident in Miloslavov: For bullying unconditionally to the reformatory? He’s talking about an amendment to the law!

Parliament’s Deputy Speaker Gábor Grendel (OĽaNO) wrote that he had asked the Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee, Juraj Krúpa (OĽaNO), to convene an extraordinary meeting, the point of which would be the incident in Miloslavov.

Slovak Chamber of Teachers: This is not the only problem

The Slovak Chamber of Teachers also added to the words of President Zuzana Čaputová. “The Slovak Chamber of Teachers in cooperation with the Inclusive Center – Center for Inclusive Education joins the opinion of the President of the Slovak Republic to overcome the growing mood of aggression in society and among children by escalating tensions and building prevention of socio-pathological phenomena based on open, nonviolent and democratic school culture.” warned the president of the chamber Vladimir Crmoman. According to him, however, this is not only a problem in Miloslavov, but similar socio-pathological phenomena are occurring throughout society.

In Miloslavov, for

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And worst of all, even in schools. “However, these phenomena are primarily the result of adult relationships, their culture of communication and (non) cooperation. The solutions should not start with protests in front of the home of students with inappropriate behavior, but with a change in political culture, a massive investment in quality education and open inter-ministerial cooperation on comprehensive support solutions. We will avoid cheap statements and changes that are not systemic and complex, Crmoman said. For this reason, too, he called on the Ministry of Education to organize a meeting of actors, and the Chamber of Teachers is ready to contribute with proposals to address this sensitive topic.

A protest full of vulgarities

On Sunday, January 9, a protest was also called in front of the alleged attacker’s house. It started at 3 pm and about a hundred people came to Miloslavov, especially young people and teenagers. The street where Eli’s parents’ house is located was closed and policemen patrolled the scene. However, according to the police and the local government representative, the protest was illegal and, moreover, at a time of emergency, when no more than 6 people could meet other than those living in the same household. At first, the protest took place in a peaceful atmosphere, but after the words of the local government representative, the protesters became aggressive and vulgarities fell, and they also verbally and physically attacked the police. Subsequently, shortly before 5 pm, the crowd was disbanded and the protest ended.

In Miloslavov, for

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The police restricted the personal liberty of two people who could not reliably prove their identities on the spot. “Due to her proper findings, they were referred to the relevant police department. A total of 14 people were checked and subsequently reported to the relevant public health office for violations of the current pandemic measures. We did not record any violations of public order.” police officers informed on the social network.



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