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Tens of euros more for retirees of working children. The government will negotiate a bonus for retired parents –


10. 01. 2022 19:00 | BRATISLAVA / TV Markíza

Labor Minister Milan Krajniak is convinced that from next year he will push the parental bonus, which he had so far in the coalition.

Two and a half percent of children’s payroll for parents.
Photo: TV Awning

You have two adult children who work in Slovakia. Each of them could retire two and a half percent of their paycheck from January next year. In this way, the Minister of Labor envisages a parental bonus, which is intended to compensate women in particular for their low pensions. The problem, however, is that the proposal has been talked about for a year and so far virtually no one has agreed with it. Labor Minister Milan Krajniak is convinced that he will push him from next year. He allegedly found more than 700 million euros in the resort to start it.

How much would parents get in practice

How much would parents get in practice Photo: TV Awning

The reservations are that the pensions will increase in this way only to some and also to what we would pay for the gap in the Social Insurance Agency. Minister Krajniak says that he has found the answer to this in the new year, although he still keeps the details to himself.

If the government agrees on the change, it could pass the social insurance law in parliament at the February session. The head of the social department believes that this will be the case, as he allegedly met the requirements of everyone.

The reactions in the coalition are still lukewarm. The Ministry of Finance says that it wants to wait until the specific numbers from which Minister Krajniak wants to take money. And according to SaS, the proposal is as unfair as it was before.

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