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When Éric Zemmour dezinguished Guillaume Peltier (before making him his ally) – The HuffPost



Éric Zemmour sends his best wishes to the press on Monday, January 10, 2022, alongside his new ally Guillaume Peltier.

POLICY – Everything is forgotten. Fortunately for his career, Guillaume Peltier does not hold a grudge. Otherwise he would not have joined Éric Zemmour, who did not hesitate to call him the “head of Turks” on the right or “sous-Sarko” a few years earlier.

The enemies of yesterday can be the friends of today, as long as they share the same “convictions”. In any case, this is what Guillaume Peltier tried to explain this Monday, January 10, at the microphone of BFMTV, after joining the campaign of the candidate of “Reconquest” for presidential 2022.

The ex-LR struck off is cited to be the spokesperson or the campaign manager of Eric Zemmour. Responsible positions, which are surprising. Because in 2012 then in 2019, the former columnist of the Figaro, did not hesitate to curb the positions of his new recruit.

So on the set of the show “Zemmour & Naulleau” on Paris Première: “When I hear you (…), I tell myself that popular voters really have to worry about it. And that (…) the big cuckolds of the popular electorate of the right for 30 years, with you, it continues. You are a sub-Sarko and you are continuing exactly on Sarkozy’s line, that is to say a pseudo speech to seduce the popular electorate. But when you get into the hard, there is no one left, ”the chronicler Zemmour told Guillaume Peltier. The former LR had come to present his movement “La Droite forte”, as shown in this excerpt unearthed by a journalist from The Express.

Another proof of love, this time in 2019 after the European slap for the right-wing party. In a column for the Figaro Magazine, Éric Zemmour quipped about Guillaume Peltier and Geoffroy Didier (currently communications director of Valérie Pécresse) formerly “Young Turks of the Right” and “now … the heads of Turks”.

“The comedy traitors, those who, in 2012, raided militants with their concept of a strong right; the same who, today, trample on the ground with rare elegance Bellamy and Wauquiez, denouncing who better to better the reactionary hints of a campaign they supported, even led, speaking with the accents of Christiane Taubira or of a Rokhaya Diallo. Coming from lepenism and Villierism for one, from sarkozysme on the left for the other, they will end up at this rate alongside Jean-Luc Mélenchon or Benoît Hamon ”, predicted Eric Zemmour.

He will have to admit his mistake, since Guillaume Peltier seems rather close to finishing at his side. Moreover, faced with this rant on the set of BFMTV, the person could only kick in touch: “Well see, everyone can be wrong,” he said, before changing the subject.

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