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Prachař’s EX in Jasná with a new guy: She caught a sexy surgeon from Slovakia! –


Agáta Hanychová is a passionate snowboarder and if time allows, she always likes to go to the slopes. An even bigger surprise is that she tried the Slovak slopes for the first time over the weekend. “I love Slovakia and I love the Tatras. I love to come back here. But I’ve always been here for work. It’s a holiday for the first time, so I’m enjoying it with everything that goes with it. ” revealed the model.

She arrived in Demänovská dolina in the company of her new friend, surgeon Andrej, who is a native Slovak. However, he only speaks Czech … And Agatha is quite sorry. “At first I had no idea he was from Slovakia. I didn’t recognize it. And I love Slovak so much. It’s a pity he doesn’t even want to speak Slovak with me, “ admitted Hanychová.

Agáta Hanychová and her new friend Andrej spend their winter holidays in the Slovak Low Tatras.
Pracharova EX in Jasna

Source: Ján Zemiar

We managed to take pictures of the couple in one of the local restaurants, where they were just enjoying a romantic dinner. And the fact that they were both up to their ears was simply visible on them. “Yes, I admit I’m in love. After a long time, he is a man I can respect for what he does. He is very intelligent. So far, I have not taken my relationship very seriously. I am very free-spirited and this is the first man I respect and are afraid of. I haven’t experienced that yet. And it’s a lion! “ overrides Agatha.

Agáta Hanychová and her new friend Andrej enjoyed a romantic dinner in Jasná.
Pracharova EX in Jasna

Source: Ján Zemiar



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