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Vondráčková in SHOCK: He asked for her hand! –


Although Lucie Vondráčková and Petr Vojnar have profiles on social networks, you will not find their joint shots there. And since it’s quite common for lovers to like to brag about their love, many think the couple just broke up. The singer refuses to have fun in conversations on this topic, her answers are always very evasive. Neither of them has commented directly on the divorce disputes …

Lucie Vondráčková and Petr Vojnar

Source: Profimedia

It was no different, even when Lucie visited the Jan Kraus show. There, however, she talked about her experience with stalkers. Because of them, she even had to take home cameras.

“I had three stalkers I had to chase,” revealed Lucie. Meeting one of them shocked her quite a bit. “You sat on the porch. And I, when I came with the boys from some training, I say to him: Man, what are you doing here? ” Vondráčková began to talk about her unpleasant experience.

The man remarked that he was waiting for her. “In the end, he thought you’d like to marry me,” she now revealed with laughter Lucie. However, it is probable that she was not laughing at all at the moment. On the contrary …



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