NewsWorldMatovic announced a CHANGE in the registration for rewards...

Matovic announced a CHANGE in the registration for rewards for vaccinations –


All three deadlines are postponed by about two weeks.

“It is therefore not necessary to register by the end of this year, but the deadline is postponed to 15 January 2022. Also, the deadline for vaccinating at the latest is postponed from 15 January to 31 January 2022. The last deadline concerned a single-dose vaccine. They were originally intended to be revaccinated by a booster dose by 1 March, the deadline being postponed to 15 March 2022. “ said Matovic.

He also criticized the pace of vaccination, which was the main reason why the deadlines were being postponed. According to him, vaccination is organized slowly.

“In a situation where 50,000 people do not have a deadline and we vaccinate at a rate of 6,000 people a day, we consider it a sensible and welcoming step towards people in the 60 plus category,” carried on.

Matovič asks the Ministry of Health (MZ) SR to increase its efforts to quickly vaccinate seniors aged 60 plus.

“I urge the Ministry of Health to ensure that all vaccination centers are given priority vaccination of seniors. I would also like to call on the NCZI to ensure that seniors are given priority in the allocation of deadlines.” he added.

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