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PROBLEMS IN THE RELATIONSHIP ?! Luke is unhappy about Xenia’s participation in Survivor! –


Lukáš Stanislav and Xénia Gregušová met in a show Farm 12, which the charming blonde even managed to win. After leaving the awning farm, the pair moved their friendship to a higher level and began to form a pair.

Charismatic ex-pharmacists live together in Žilina, and so far it has seemed that it really works for them. However, when the dancer announced to her partner that she had signed up for a reality show Survivor and leaving for the Dominican Republic, a small cloud rose over their relationship.

A friend is a little worried about my departure. He wasn’t very excited at first, but I believe that over time it will be better and I will leave with the support of me. ” revealed Xenia for Plusku.

The former football player does not like that he will not see his girlfriend for a really long time. “It is probably natural that I did not enjoy it very much, because who would enjoy the fact that someone he loves is leaving for 3 months. Ask yourself if you wouldn’t be sad if a loved one or love went somewhere for a long time. ” Luke confided.



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