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Dara Rolins on the new PHOTO with Nedvěd: Aha, which she revealed, she didn’t have such a luxury with any guy! –


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Dara Rolins is now having a very happy time with her new partner. See what they boast about.

When Dara Rolins broke up with rapper Rytmus a few years ago, she was alone for a long time, always answering questions about her new partner that she would know when there was someone around her who would be worthwhile. However, no one like that appeared for a long time, and it almost looked like Dara had wrapped it up in a relationship.

As it turned out recently, Dara just took her time. But most of all, she cared about the choice. And then she announced to everyone that the new men by her side were not just anyone, but football legend Pavel Nedvěd. Not only her numerous fans were enthusiastic about her choice, but also her Luara and her daughter Matěj Homola “praised” her.

Dara is now deservedly having a very happy time with her new partner. As she admitted on the social network, she didn’t even believe that such a romantic mood would catch up with her at the end of the year, because look at the new photos with Pavel. He really pampers her as an attentive partner.

However, after the experience she has behind her, Dara is well aware that relationships are very thin. But since she is very happy now, she wishes others, too, may their hearts be full of love.

See how Nedvěd pampers Daru!

Although Dara did not plan to spend this Christmas with her new partner, as she admitted for Showtime TV Prima, they are already living the holiday season together and will welcome the New Year together with Laura and a few friends in Italy in the mountains. And so she bragged about such romantic photos.



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