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Burst bubble. One of the members of the Slovak team – – was also positive


Slovak hockey players under the age of 20 have returned to New Year’s Eve from the venue of the prematurely ended junior championship in Canada.

31.12.2021 11:38, updated: 15:03

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Matej Kašlík and Šimon Nemec at MSJ.

Slovak hockey players under the age of 20 have returned to New Year’s Eve from the venue of the prematurely ended junior championship in Canada.

They landed at Vienna’s Schwechat Airport at 8.20 CET, then took a bus to Bratislava, where members of the implementation team said goodbye to the players and left for home. However, a complete 37-member team did not arrive in Slovakia.

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According to the website, the three members of the implementation team had to stay in the championship venue due to the additional transport of hockey cargo together with hockey equipment, which did not fly home with the team on Thursday.

As the first Slovak batch traveled by a combination of commercial flights, which would not be able to take the complete oversized cargo, the mentioned trio had to handle it at the airport in Calgary for additional transport.

He will fly from Canada on New Year’s Eve in the afternoon local time. Not even the American assistant coach Scott Moser, who returned to Buffalo, or several players working in overseas junior competitions flew with a large part of the team.

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Following the decision of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) Council to cancel the World Cup due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, they teamed up with team managers and gradually returned to their clubs.

Unconcretized player

An unspecified player, who received a positive PCR test result from the previous day on 30 December in the morning, also stayed in the championship venue for a longer period of time.

The said player adheres to the 10-day quarantine stipulated by the protocol. He feels good, he has only very mild symptoms of COVID-19.

The departure of the Slovak expedition back to Slovakia required exceptionally fast logistics. “In our case, all transfers in connection with leaving the World Championship venue took place within 24 hours of the announcement of the cancellation of the tournament.

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It was extremely demanding, but we managed to combine all the flights in an extremely short time so that the Slovak hockey players left Canada among the first, “said Tomáš Pšenka, manager of the Slovak junior team, for

The main body left the hotel in Red Deere on December 30 before four o’clock in the morning local time. She took the bus to the airport in Calgary, where she was already waiting for Air Canada staff.

After eight o’clock local time, the Slovaks took the first of two commercial flights to Toronto, from where, after a four-hour wait before 9 pm local time, they headed for Vienna. They landed at Schwechat on December 31 after eight o’clock in the morning CET.

“We planned to return to Slovakia under completely different circumstances. We had big plans that we failed to fulfill. Practically, as soon as we heard the news of the cancellation of the championship, we started packing.

We wanted to come home to families and loved ones as soon as possible. We are disappointed, but we have to put it behind us, “said the coach of the Slovak” twenties “Ivan Feneš upon his return.

Simon Nemec - according to several renkings ...

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