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Turkish ski jumper Fatih Arda Ipcioglu Source: SITA / AP / Matthias Schrader

OBERSTDORF – Turkish ski jumper Fatih Arda Ipcioglu has moved on to another goal in Wednesday’s inaugural Tour of the Four Bridges Tour in Oberstdorf. Thanks to the 29th place, the pioneer of this sport in his country was the first Turk to score in the World Cup.

“I’m really happy to rewrite history again. As many times before,” Ipcioglu told 24-year-old SID.

Ipcioglu took care of a significant entry at the beginning of the year in Nizhny Tagila, where the first Turk to qualify for the World Cup. And on Wednesday in Oberstdorf, he defeated Daniil Sadrejev in a duel of 120 meters and advanced to the second round, in which he won the first two cup points for his country. “It surprised me. And now I’m pretty tired because there’s been a lot going on.” he said.

Ipcioglu made his Turkish premiere tour in 2017. At the time, after his second race on German territory in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, he went to the Continental Cup, and now, like his national teammate Muhammet Irfan Cintimar, he plans to complete the prestigious mini-series.

“This success motivates us, we will do our best,” said Ipcioglu, who wants to inspire his successors. “I have noticed that young boys are already watching the jumps in Turkey and they want to be like me. It looks like new Turkish jumpers will appear in the coming years to represent our country even better,” said Ipcioglu.

In February, he will take part in his second Olympic Games in Beijing after Pyongyang 2018, where he was the flag bearer of the Turkish expedition. “We don’t go there for medals, but they are still very important games for us.”

Ipcioglu comes from Erzurum, Turkey’s top winter sports resort, which hosted the Universiade in 2011. “We’re training there and it looks like it’s working. We Turks are boarding,” said the jumping pioneer.

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