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Dara in love in the arms of new love: I would not believe that this will catch up with me at the end of the year, he says –


“I wish you not to miss the movement of the flowing feeling both outwards and towards you,” wrote the amorous Dara Rolins.

Her heart was open

“I have an open heart for happiness and love, but at the same time I am satisfied myself,” said Dara, who is already in love. This is the ideal state that a single woman should find herself in. To be happy and satisfied with oneself, but also to be prepared for the love that may appear unexpectedly.Dara Rolins some time ago, the fans were pleasantly surprised by the news in her life and admitted her relationship with Pavol Nědved.

For half a year, they managed to hide their love from the media, but today they also like to show off the photos they love on their profile. The well-known singer has not shown her partners for years, and not on Instagram at all. This one has to be really special. See what beautiful winter shots in the arms of her new love she added to Instagram.

Photo gallery

Dara Rolins and Pavel Nedvěd

Source: Instagram: dararolins_vermi

It does not hide a romantic mood and a heart full of love

Dara made no secret of the fact that it was quite difficult for me to accept anyone into my life. Her biggest priority for her was and always will be Lola’s daughter, however, every woman, as well as a single Dara Rolins, needs a man, a love and a man who will fill her life in a different way. Eventually it worked, a man came who won her heart and shines today as she has not shone for a long time. The famous singer was open to love, but she was waiting for the right and right one.

She wrote under the amorous contribution: “Relationship matters are simply thin ice, because people experience their own differently than the criteria they then have for the speeches of others. I myself am very sensitive to this and I often wonder if I would just keep this feeling to myself … On the other hand, I know how I can please when one of my favorite people confides, shares, tastes praises and so on. ”

Photo gallery

Dara Rolins has already boasted of a new relationship with Pavel Nedvěd on Instagram as well

Source: Instagram

So, I wish you that the movement of the flowing feeling both outwards and towards you is not missing in your life either. May your heart be full of love. I would not believe that such a romantic mood will overwhelm me at the end of the year. “

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