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Camorry Pupetta Maresca dies, first woman with mob boss title –


Pupetta avenged her husband’s murder in her sixth month of pregnancy.

ROME. At the age of 86, Assunta “Pupetta” Maresca, who was considered the first woman to receive the title of mob boss, died on Thursday night in her apartment in the small town of Castellammare di Stabia (near Naples). The AP and APA agencies informed about it.

The former beauty queen, known as the “doll” (Pupetta), married in 1955 (at the age of 20) the head of Camorra’s Neapolitan criminal organization, Pasquale Simonetti, who was killed several months after the wedding.

Pupetta, who was then six months pregnant, avenged her husband’s murder. During the trial, she declared that she did not regret her act and that if she could turn back time, she would kill again. In the end, she served 13 years behind bars.

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After her release, Maresca became one of the most respected and powerful representatives of the Naples mafia. She earned the nickname “Queen Camorry”. In the early 1980s, Pupetta returned to prison for four years in connection with the murder of a local forensic expert.

The APA recalled that Maresca’s life story inspired several filmmakers. As early as 1958, director Francesco Rosi made the film “Duel” about the fate of a mob widow. In 1967, Maresca played herself in the film Crime in Posillip. Her story also became a model for the television miniseries Pupetta from 2013.



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