We would like to respond together to the news that has appeared in the press and on the Internet in connection with us in recent days. Our paths have fallen apart. We lived through beautiful years for which we are grateful to each other. We keep the specific reasons for our breakup to ourselves, but we would like to emphasize that our problems are not related to mutual hostility, reluctance or inability to start a family. We both hope to find happiness in our next life. Tatiana and Ondrej, “ Brzobohatý wrote the opinion on social media on Friday evening. He has already said for the Showtime TV Prima show that each of them has been living their lives since August. But now he was more talkative, and so was his still-wife, Tatiana.

She wrote the same opinion on their divorce, adding: “Ondrej asked me to be able to go his own way in life without me, and I respect that. Tatiana and Ondrej.”


Are you sorry that Ondřej and Taťána are divorcing?

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