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Snapdragon 8 Gen 1: it explodes counters on benchmarks… except against the iPhone 13 Pro Max – Frandroid


Dec 7, 2021

During the Snapdragon Tech Summit, we had the opportunity to run some performance tests on a smartphone equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. A little glimpse of the beast that will equip premium smartphones in 2022.

A test smartphone equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. // Source: Frandroid

A week has passed since the announcement of Qualcomm’s new premium SoC, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. During the Snapdragon Tech Summit organized in Hawaii, we were able to participate in a benchmark session with the new chip. This was installed on the following configuration:

  • Screen: FHD + 144 Hz OLED;
  • Storage: 512 GB UFS 3.1;
  • RAM: 8 GB LPDDR5 Samsung.

The million exceeded on Antutu

In order to be able to check whether this chip is really a significant improvement or not, we have mainly tested the new chip on benchmarks that we use in our tests. The goal is to compare it as it should with the smartphones we tested in 2021. Note that during these tests, the smartphone was configured in performance mode, giving it a slight advantage over the values ​​we measured in our tests .

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 iPhone 13 Pro Max Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (S888) OnePlus 9 Pro (S888) Oppo Find X3 Pro (S888)
Antutu 9 1027345 827936 783599 713467 717221
Antutu 9 (CPU) 231353 220085 204256 188683 193952
Antutu 9 (GPU) 449356 316058 297466 305705 314386
Antutu 9 (MEM) 173697 158002 130600 117156 116689
Antutu 9 (UX) 173697 133791 151277 102023 92167
GFXBench Aztec Vulkan / Metal high (onscreen / offscreen) 71/49 FPS 60/131 FPS 25/30 FPS 42/31 FPS 34 FPS
GFXBench Car Chase (onscreen / offscreen) 89/78 FPS 57/94 FPS 32/67 FPS 57/71 FPS 28/32 FPS
GFXBench Manhattan 3.0 (onscreen / offscreen) 144/222 FPS 60/200 FPS 88/159 FPS 60/169 FPS 36/71 FPS

First observation: that’s it, the million on Antutu 9 is exceeded. On this benchmark, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 absolutely outperforms all of its competitors, including theiPhone 13 Pro Max. If it weren’t for the latter, we could say end of the game, because Qualcomm’s new SoC is almost twice as good as the best smartphones under Snapdragon 888. But the iPhone 13 Pro Max is resisting and even exceeds it on Aztec and Car Chase in offscreen in GFXBench more focused on graphics performance. Unfortunately, we couldn’t pass our favorite benchmarks on a phone with a Snapdragon 888+.

In addition to these results, we were able to test it on Geekbench. In single-core, it obtains 1225 and 3767 in multicore. In comparison, theOppo Find X3 Pro gets 796 and 3018. On PC Mark 3.0, it displays 17329. For comparison, the Samsung galaxy 21 ultra poster 13824.

Our benchmarks were carried out as part of a press trip organized by Qualcomm.

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