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HUGE SUCCESS: Slovaks have made a gigantic investment, up to $ 21 million. They are developing a unique world – Startitup


Dec 7, 2021

Online shopping has been experiencing a huge boom, especially in the last two years. The demands of buyers are growing, which is a big challenge for online sellers. However, the shrinking workforce and ever-increasing costs are increasing the demand for automation of e-shop operations and warehouses.

The new capital aims to advance the production of its own, 3D sensor technology. Slovaks should too enable the expansion of fully robotic solutions for physical processing and sending e-shop orders.

Company Photoneo introduced the first and only fully automated order fulfillment system for e-commerce and online food retailers called BRIGHTPICK. The use of smart technologies and artificial intelligence directly from the startup workshop is a matter of course.

“We see big gaps in the processing of e-commerce orders. By combining our technologies, we have created a unique world – a system for complete automation of picking e-shops, ” says Ján Žižka, co-founder and CEO of Photoneo.

“The potential of this state-of-the-art warehouse automation solution is huge, given its flexibility, scalability, and maximizing the number of processed orders with minimal effort. It helps optimize processes, save space and increase efficiency 3 to 5 times compared to manual order picking. ”

source: Photoneo

Venture to Future Fund, Across, Earlybird, AI Capital, Credo Ventures and other investors who have already invested in the company in previous rounds also participated in the investment.

“The work and achievements of Photoneo are truly exceptional. We believe in the company’s vision and its ability to move the logistics sector forward and transform the automation of e-commerce processes, “ says Marián Boček, Managing Partner at IPM Group.

“Photoneo is already a well-established global leader in providing automation solutions based on 3D machine vision and artificial intelligence. With our investment, we want to help them transform their vision into reality on every front. ”

Unprecedentedly high investment

The advantage of the BRIGHTPICK solution is also its modular structure. Thanks to her is feasible in large central as well as small warehouses. Photoneo’s innovative approach and BRIGHTPICK’s successful pilot integrations have attracted the attention of several interesting investors.

You are decided to support the company’s bold strategy. The $ 21 million investment is one of the largest automation startups in Europe to date.

source: Photoneo

“We are pleased that our groundbreaking technologies and the ability to discover the potential of the market at the right time and predict its future development have won the confidence of investors. Like us, we believe that Photoneo is able to be a leader in the automation of order processing and shipping, ” says Ján Žižka.

The investment round was led by the IPM Group, which is one of the leaders in investing in technology companies.

source: Photoneo

Photoneo is currently a leader in providing intelligent automation solutions based on industrial machine vision and artificial intelligence. The startup was established in 2013 with a mission to give eyes and intelligence to robots and the power to understand and see their surroundings.

The main goal of the company is to automate monotonous and risky professions and tasks. This should happen thanks to the robots that are equipped with advanced 3D vision. Photoneo’s patented technology has enabled the development of the most accurate industrial 3D camera with the highest resolution that can capture moving objects.

This has opened up a large number of new possibilities for automation on the market. Combined with a robust robotic intelligence system, Photoneo helps companies from a variety of sectors, including automotive, logistics, e-commerce and healthcare, improve their performance, efficiency and processes.

Sources: Photoneo, brightpick.ai

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