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Minnesota United player arrested in Argentina for alleged threats with weapons and dire robbery


Dec 7, 2021

(CNN Spanish) – Argentine soccer player Emanuel “Bebelo” Reynoso, former Boca Juniors player and current midfielder for Minnesota United Football Club in the United States, was arrested on Tuesday in the province of Córdoba, Argentina.

According to the official report of the District II Prosecutor’s Office of that province, in charge of the criminal case, the alleged participation of Reynoso in different crimes registered in Córdoba is investigated and that are framed in the figures of threats classified by the use of weapon, minor injuries and dire theft.

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Milagros Gorgas, confirmed to CNN that in the early hours of Monday a minor denounced that last Saturday night he had been beaten by a group of people, including the footballer.

According to the testimony of the young man, the incident occurred during a party at a private home where a situation of aggression occurred due to a “territoriality dispute.”

According to the investigation, around seven people, including Reynoso, allegedly attacked another group with fists, kicks and blunt objects, including the complainant, according to Gorgas told CNN. Among other attacks that occurred during the fight, the victim had received a blow from the butt of a firearm to the eye, allegedly provided by Reynoso.

In addition, always according to information from the prosecutor, the minor denounced that, even when the people in his group were lying on the floor as a result of the beatings, the attacks continued and, finally, before leaving the place, the attackers stole their belongings. belongings.

Due to the episode, Reynoso, so far the only one identified of the alleged aggressor group, was detained preventively and will be transferred for these hours to a prison, according to information provided to CNN by a spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Córdoba.

According to the prosecution’s report, yesterday afternoon “evidence was collected that allows a reasonable and justified suspicion that Reynoso, together with an as yet unidentified group,” had participated in the events.

The prosecution says that it made the decision to deprive the soccer player of his freedom due to the particularly violent nature of the events and the fear of the victims that would directly affect the investigation.

At the time of this report, the defendant does not have a designated attorney and CNN is trying to reach his representatives.

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