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Tragedy near the village of Bačkovík. The boy († 14) was hit by a car on the road, the driver apparently did not notice him –


07. 12. 2021 11:12 | KOŠICE / TASR

Teenagers with peers were moving on the road without reflective elements.

A 14-year-old pedestrian lost his life after a collision near Bačkovík.
Photo: Slovak Police – Košice Region

A 14-year-old pedestrian lost his life in connection with a collision with a car, which took place on Monday (December 6) in the early evening near the village of Bačkovík in the Košice-okolie district. The boy succumbed to severe injuries in the hospital on Tuesday morning. Jana Mésarová, a regional police spokeswoman from Košice, informed.

The traffic accident occurred about 50 meters in front of Bačkovík. Thirty-eight-year-old driver drove a car. Škoda Octavia towards the village of Bidovce. “With his right front, he caught a pedestrian moving with his peer in the same direction as the vehicle. They walked side by side on the right side of the road without any reflexes, “she said, adding that the boy had suffered serious injuries with which he had been taken to hospital. There were no further injuries.

The boy without reflexes was hit by a car.

The boy without reflexes was hit by a car. Photo: Slovak Police – Košice Region

The breath test on the driver was negative. The damage to the vehicle was preliminarily estimated at approximately 2,000 euros. During the documentation of the traffic accident, the road was impassable and the traffic police directed the traffic.

Police are investigating the incident as a criminal offense. “The exact cause of the traffic accident, the detailed circumstances and the degree of fault of its participants is the subject of further investigation, even with the participation of an expert,” Mésarová added.

At the same time, the police call on all road users to be extra careful and vigilant on the roads. It recalls that reflective elements on clothing increase the distance that a pedestrian driver can observe several times over and increase the time it takes for a pedestrian driver to react and prevent a dangerous situation.


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