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“I really missed my life on the sentimental side”: Isabelle Nanty’s confidences on her upset motherhood – Closer


Recently questioned by Liberation about her love life, Isabelle Nanty confided in her thwarted desire for motherhood.

In 2004, Isabelle Nanty becomes a mother for the first time by adopting a girl named Tallulah, born two years earlier in China while the actress was shooting the film The Bison. Feature film in which she plays, ironically, the role of a caretaker pregnant with her fifth child. But if she had recourse to adoption, it was above all a constraint. At the age of 30, the actress learned – just like her sister – that she could never give birth. Blame it on Distilbene, this synthetic estrogen given to his mother to prevent a miscarriage. A drug whose side effects have been irreversible. “She always felt very guilty and I said to her: ‘I’m alive’“, told the actress to the newspaper Liberation.

Because for Isabelle Nanty, infertility was still hard to accept. “It’s silly, I know, you don’t have to have kids to be happy, but when I found out it felt like to be half a woman“, she explained to our colleagues.”Before adopting, it was necessary that I mourn a biological motherhood and that I take care that my daughter does not come to fill a void.“But biological motherhood is not the only stage in her life that she has not been able to go through. Isabelle Nanty never married. “I could have managed to give her a father because, whatever the house, the more foundations it has, the stronger it is, but I really missed my life on the sentimental side. But good. After … zero regrets.

Isabelle Nanty single and happy

And for good reason, Isabelle Nanty simply never found the right fit. In 2016, with the magazine Uppercase Woman, she confided about her celibacy. “I have never met someone who wanted to share my life. Men have been in my life, but I think they weren’t interested in sharing my life or theirs, who they were and who I am “, she said. And to continue: “My fundamental person does not interest anyone. But that’s not a big deal. I passed by people who could have offered me that life, but the damage it would have done in the process was not worth the candle. I gave up on that without frustration“, she explained. A free heart.

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