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Teleworking: Élisabeth Borne announces a target of “5,000 checks per month” in companies – LCI


Dec 7, 2021

INTERVIEW – LCI guest on Tuesday, the Minister of Labor called for a drastic strengthening of teleworking in companies to halt the epidemic resumption in France.

Faced with the new epidemic wave that threatens, the government is raising its tone. As such, Jean Castex announced Monday evening a strengthening of the health protocol in schools, the start of the vaccination of children from 5 to 11 years old or the temporary closure of nightclubs.

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France affected by a fifth wave of Covid-19

Guest of LCI on Tuesday, Élisabeth Borne also called on employers to tighten up (significantly) the screw in terms of teleworking. “Ten days ago, I called on employers to rally around respecting barrier gestures and teleworking. It has already borne fruit”, welcomes the Minister of Labor. “The idea is that all companies, which can do it and which have not yet done so, reinforce teleworking”, she emphasizes. “We have set a target of two to three days of teleworking”, she specifies.

“Shift into high gear”

To ensure that companies play the game, Élisabeth Borne announced that checks would be more frequent in the coming weeks. “I asked the Labor Inspectorate to resume its checks, to return to 5,000 checks per month”, she says, knowing that we were “less than 1000 in the month of October”.

“The objective is that this strengthening of teleworking can be implemented in social dialogue, within each company and that there is no need to return to obligations”, she emphasizes, calling for an ironing “absolutely up to speed” in the matter.

Support for nightclubs

At the same time, the Minister of Labor warned that the sectors particularly affected by this resurgence of restrictions (nightclubs, caterers, events …) would be supported. “We are going to put in place partial activity, fully supported to continue protecting jobs”, in professions in difficulty. the “automatic partial unemployment” will, for example, be restored for nightclubs.

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In addition, the 80% threshold, above which companies are eligible for the partial activity covered at 100%, could be adapted. “We will see how we can adjust [le seuil] in the event of a very sharp drop in turnover “, but less than 80%, indicated Élisabeth Borne. “We want to protect jobs”, she adds. “Bercy is also working on additional support systems” for these sectors, she concludes.

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