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Trnka robe solves a huge problem: Misleading and false information! You are a liar, refers to Rashi – Topka


It all started last week, when information about extremely suspicious procurement by the Košice self-governing region came to the surface. For almost 180,000 euros, Trnka, as the head of the municipality, had to buy contactless thermometers, which they use in the county’s buildings, such as schools, cultural and social facilities and the like. He informed about it Denník N.

Source: TASR / AP, Erika Ďurčová, Milan Kapusta

Richard Reday’s United Corp. was to supply more than 200 thermometers. It is Reday who is mentioned as a close man of Trnka. The strange thing about the whole contract is that the county bought them under unfavorable conditions – compared to the same thermometers ordered by the Banská Bystrica or Nitra regions, they paid twice as much. However, in the two mentioned regions, another company supplied – Nextram. The thermometer manufacturer Miroslav Garaj had to confirm to the portal that they were the same thermometers. Over the past two years, since the pandemic has raged, Garaj has produced more than 700 of the thermometers in question and the average price per piece was 400 euros. I was also surprised to find out how much Mr. Reday wants to sell for. Let me tell you honestly, this is an awfully high price for that thermometer, 866 euros borders on unsaleability. From 360 to 400 euros, the ideal price is to take into account the production, the tax and, of course, everyone wants to make money, said the head of the company.

Transparency International Slovakia also got involved in the whole matter – specifically Peter Demčák, who stated that the region did not proceed in accordance with the recommendations for public procurement.

The Trnka robe solves a huge one

Source: TASR / AP, Erika Ďurčová, Milan Kapusta

Trnkov plan

After the portal pointed out dubious deals last week, Garaj, as a thermometer manufacturer, was to be contacted by order supplier Richard Reday. He told him on the phone that he wanted to talk to him directly, which was surprising for the manufacturer. As head of the county, Trnka found out whether the editor was recording an interview and whether the statements he made were true. Garaj replied ambiguously to Trnka. The Košice county wanted to defend the overpriced purchase of thermometers by saying that it was a higher and better generation. The fact that Garaj confirmed that they were the same thermometers did not play into his carat.

Rastislav Trnka took over

Source: TASR / František Iván

Trnka therefore decided to counterattack – he sent Garaj two e-mails – one unofficial and one official. In an unofficial private address, Garaja allegedly tries to persuade the answers to fit his story. “Thermometers are inthey are identical in function, but they are not functionally and therefore cannot be the same, “ one of the answers sounded. They all carried in a similar spirit, and Trnka wanted Garaj to adopt them. And then he sent Garaj an official e-mail. Dear Mr. Garaj, we don’t know each other, and I haven’t had a reason to contact you yet, but today I read the article in Diary N in silent amazement. which I have, I would like to ask you for your views on some of them, so that I have a clearer, “ it is written in the mail.

The Trnka robe solves a huge one

Source: gettyimages

Subsequently, Garaja was to bombard with other emails and text messages, asking the manufacturer to confirm that he had received the messages. However, Garaj contacted the portal again and assured the author of the article, Dušan Karolyi, that he had not promised him anything for changing Trnk’s attitudes. What’s more, Reday owes the thermometer manufacturer tens of thousands of euros to produce the order, and Trnka wanted Garaj to deny it. Do you want me to deny that Reday owes me money? I would go against myself, “ Garaj Trnka replied. Subsequently, the thermometer supplier got involved again and called Garaj about thirty times one morning.

However, due to his workload, the thermometer manufacturer only picked it up a few times and his nerves broke. He said he would not answer any more questions or speak to any journalists. However, Reday and Trnk apparently understood it differently than Garaj meant. On Wednesday afternoon, Trnka published a statement on the social network, where he denied all the allegations of the portal and published the answers that Garaj was supposed to learn. Allegedly without the consent of the manufacturer himself. When asked why, Trnka did not answer directly. In addition, a criminal complaint for suspicious procurement of thermometers by a Košice businessman has already been filed with the Košice Prosecutor’s Office for the whole matter.

Rashi: Explain it or resign!

Former Košice mayor Richard Raši (Hlas-SD) also commented on the whole issue. He said to the address of the current Košice mayor that he was a liar. If you do not explain the published e-mails and the purchase of doubly overpriced thermometers from your acquaintance to us, the inhabitants of the region, I urge you to resign immediately., “ wrote on social network.

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