NewsWorldBitcoin has experienced a terrible fall, the coveted mint...

Bitcoin has experienced a terrible fall, the coveted mint is melting. What will be the next development? –


New gold or “rat poison for another”? That’s how he once called the most famous cryptocurrency bitcoin world famous investor Warren Buffett. He vowed never to put “real” money into this speculative area.

He could have enjoyed this weekend’s development. Bitcoin he was hit hard. The 100,000 mark, which some analysts expected to exceed this year, is still an unrealistic goal.

Long-term trend

Weekend sales sent bitcoin down 30 percent from a record $ 69,000 in November and rose only slightly as the new week began. The Red Sea has affected most known cryptoactive assets. Compared to November, Ethereum lost 18 percent today.

Investors were also hostile to altcoins such as XRP, which was down 77 percent or degocoin from a high. This was 78 percent lower than the May peak. The current values ​​thus saddened the crypto-owners base, which increased by almost 190 percent between 2018 and 2020.

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