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Lengvarsky Chief Analyst: The first major parameter has emerged to suggest improving the situation – HNonline.sk


Dec 6, 2021

The decline in mobility is below the level of the second wave earlier this year coronaviruspandemic. The measures were similar. On the press conference Minister of Health Vladimir Lengvarsky this was stated by the head of the Institute of Health Analysis Matej Mišík.

Source: MZSR

He pointed in particular to the fact that there was only a small reduction in mobility on the way to work. “The home office institute is not as widely used as it was at the beginning of the year,” stated.

Source: MZSR

Slovakia is currently facing a strong third wave, driven by extremely aggressive delta coronavirus variants. It has been in force since 25 November due to very poor developments, especially in hospitals lockdown, which are accompanied by a curfew or the closure of non-essential transactions. “The situation is still very serious at the moment,” Lengvarský said.

Caution when decreasing the number of cases

There was a slight decrease in the number of cases in the week-on-week comparison. “But we are careful in our interpretation, as there have been more fundamental changes in the need for people to use these tests, as a curfew is already in place, an OTP regime is not required. So the sample of people who go for testing has changed.” said Mišík.

Source: MZSR

According to him, the reason for caution is also the fact that the significant increase in the positivity of PCR tests continues. It is around 38 percent the next day.

Source: MZSR

Third in the world in deaths

Regarding the basic monitored pandemic parameters, the number of patients with covid in hospitals and the number of those who need the support of artificial lung ventilation have increased. Deaths have increased by 30 percent. In the last week in Slovakia, 608 people died with a covid, which is 87 dead a day. In terms of million inhabitants, this ranks us in the third worst place in the world after the first Hungary and the second Croatia.

“What’s positive is that the number of trips to covid patients has dropped by about 400 compared to the previous week. So we’ve returned to the level about three weeks ago. This is the first major indicator that the situation may improve slightly.” Mišík approached. The most significant decrease was recorded in the Prešov Region, while the Košice, Žilina and Trenčín counties also reported a decrease in the number of trips.

Source: MZSR

Several regions are at the level of the second wave in terms of the number of hospitalizations or even surpassed it. Another critical point is considered by 3,500 patients in hospitals, There are currently 3,419. Earlier for border of the humanitarian crisisWhen planned operations and paralyzed white medicine will have to be stopped, analysts have identified 3,200 hospitalized patients.

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