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What do we know about the protection of the vaccine against the transmission of Covid-19? – LCI


Dec 6, 2021

PROTECTION – This Monday on LCI, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan accused the vaccine against Covid-19 of being ineffective against the risk of transmission of the virus. The opportunity to take stock of current knowledge on the subject.

The vaccine’s claim has never been to wipe out the risk of infection. Never mind, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan still used this argument to discredit the products used to fight against Covid-19. Invited on LCI this Monday, December 6, the deputy regretted that a vaccinated “transmits the virus as much as an unvaccinated”. What is it really?

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The risk of transmission reduced by 30% or 40%

Undeniably, vaccines against Covid-19 offer protection against severe forms and death. If they also confer “at least some protection against infection and transmission”, as the World Health Organization (WHO) writes, it is “not as much as against serious forms and deaths”, by the UN agency’s own admission. So with a majority Delta variant, what does this protection represent?

A very recent study carried out in the Netherlands (not yet peer reviewed) attempted to answer this question. Based on national data on infections and contact cases in the country, the team of researchers from the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment has come to assess this phenomenon. According to their findings, vaccination reduces the likelihood of an infected person transmitting the virus to 63%, compared to an unvaccinated person.

However, other studies are less optimistic. A study published in the Lancet October 29, for its part, did not notice any notable difference between an immune person or not. Thus, the rate of contamination within the same household was 38% among those who were not vaccinated and 25% among those who were doubly vaccinated. Be careful, however: in this work, the context is not a spread of Covid-19 in the general population, but within the same focus. A place with few barrier measures, close contact and poor ventilation. In addition, the study notes that in the case of vaccinated people, the viral load is reduced very quickly once the peak is reached, unlike the unvaccinated. An immune person is therefore contagious for a shorter period of time.

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So how do you decide on this question? By taking the conclusions of the two health institutions that punctuate the pandemic. According to them, the vaccine would halve the transmission of the Delta variant. During a press conference on November 24, the Director General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, noted that all the data suggest “that before the arrival of the Delta variant, vaccines reduced transmission by about 60%. With the Delta variant, that number fell to 40%.”

A figure close to that of the Scientific Council. On October 5, the organization responsible for informing public decision-making to fight the epidemic took stock of the state of scientific knowledge on this subject. And he noted that if “vaccination reduces the risk of hospitalization by 95%” and “the risk of infection of 60%”, the risk of transmission “if a vaccinated person is infected” is divided by two (-50%).

An immune person does not therefore transmit the virus as much as an unvaccinated one, contrary to what Nicolas Dupont-Aignan assures. And if this effectiveness decreases, vaccination remains a more relevant measure than others in the fight against the spread of the virus. In study published in July (not peer reviewed), the researchers noted, for example, that the curfew – whether at 6 p.m. or 8 p.m. – only reduced transmissions by 30%.

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