NewsWorldJerusalem, clashes on Esplanade Mosques: over 220 injured

Jerusalem, clashes on Esplanade Mosques: over 220 injured


The toll of the new violent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces that broke out last Friday in Ramadan, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, is more than 220 injured. According to reports from the ‘Jerusalem Post’, quoting an Israeli police spokesperson, 17 officers were injured in the incidents and about half of them required hospital treatment. An officer, hit on the head by a stone, is in moderate condition. According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, 205 Palestinians were injured and 88 of these were transferred to hospitals in Jerusalem for treatment. Broadcaster ‘Kan’ released footage of the incidents that showed Israeli security forces firing a grenade. deafening towards the Al-Aqsa mosque and then closing the doors of the mosque while the faithful were still inside. The agents also closed the Damascus Gate, one of the entrances to the Old City, in an attempt to regain control of the situation and prevent more people from joining the riots. “It is impossible to tolerate what is happening in Jerusalem and the enemy must expect our response at any time, “said the secretary general of Islamic Jihad. Hamas also issued a statement in which it warned Israel of the potential repercussions of the clashes on the Temple Mount. The leader of the Islamist movement that controls Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, sent a direct message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telling him to “don’t play with fire. This is a battle that you, your army, your police and your whole country. you cannot win. We will defend Jerusalem regardless of the sacrifices we have to make. “The president of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), Mahmoud Abbas, announced that he had urged the Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations to demand that the Security Council of the Nations Unite to discuss the situation in Jerusalem, while the Jordanian Foreign Ministry condemned the entry of Israeli forces on the Temple Mount and their “animal attack” by faithful. Qatar also denounced the work of the security forces Israelis following the clashes, calling it a “provocation for millions of Muslims around the world,” Ynet reported. Qatar then asked the international community to take action to stop the violence against the Palestinian people. Israeli police reported that “officers have started using riot control measures in an attempt to restore order after violent riots erupted in the Temple Mount, during which hundreds of suspects started throwing stones, bottles and other objects at our forces “.

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