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“A shadow, the skin on the bones…”: Michel Drucker evokes without filter the last moments of Bernard Tapie – Closer


Presenter Michel Drucker spoke on the Yahoo microphone on November 29. He notably returned to the death of Bernard Tapie, which took place on October 3.

On October 3, Bernard Tapie died of double cancer of the stomach and esophagus, a death that touched many personalities, a good part of which moved during the funeral in Paris or Marseille. Animator Michel Drucker, who knew him well, recently returned to this tragedy during an interview with Yahoo. He notably spoke of the last moments of Bernard Tapie, whom he had known for almost 60 years. After a chilling phone call from his daughter Sophie Tapie, Michel Drucker was able to see him only a few days before his death. “There he was … a shadow. A shadow. He had gaunt skin and bones … “. A difficult description which already suggested the worst.

The sad look, Michel Drucker continues the story of his last meeting with Bernard Tapie. “There were about five or six dogs in the room. And there you could tell that the animals had guessed that it was the end.” An animal instinct which was not mistaken since Bernard Tapie died a few days later.They [les chiens, ndlr] were all around in the room, there was his dog. He had his dog’s paw in his hand, and it was very moving “. Yet another proof, if ever there was one, that dogs are man’s best friends, present even in the most difficult moments.

Michel Drucker: “I knew I would never see him again”

Michel Drucker also reported what he said to himself during his last conversation with Bernard Tapie. He was also perfectly aware that it was the last. “With all that he had left of his voice, he rightly mentioned – although we had never spoken of it for almost 60 years – he said to me: “Do you remember when you introduced me? “. He remembered that. And then suddenly, we spoke with Bernard – for 20 minutes, after he dozed off and I knew that I would never see him again – our memories, because I have so many memories with him.“. The day Bernard Tapie’s death was announced, Michel Drucker spoke on BFMTV, describing him as”immense talent from afar “.

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