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OPINION | Beauty is constancy and dedication


Editor’s note: Mari Rodríguez Ichaso has been a contributor to Vanidades magazine for several decades. She is a specialist in fashion, travel, gastronomy, art, architecture and entertainment, film producer and style columnist for CNN en Español. The opinions expressed in this column are solely his own. Read more opinion pieces at

(CNN Spanish) – The holidays are approaching – which this year we will celebrate in some countries with a little more freedom and “normality”, due to vaccination and other precautions – and of course we want to look better than ever.

And our body skin -especially our complexion- will be the focal point to project an image that has ‘survived’ the use of masks (although we still use them) and seasons of certain laziness -or neglect- after 2 years prevented from doing our normal life and taking care of ourselves as we were used to.

And if there is one conclusion that I have reached in this time – supported by my many years reporting on fashion and beauty – it is that beauty is 100% the product of perseverance and dedication! Final point!

And although there are hundreds of creams, lotions, treatments and all kinds of beauty products on the market, they are all good, great! If we use them with discipline and perseverance every day and following the instructions.

From the most expensive to the cheapest, absolutely all beauty products are beneficial and the differences between their formulas and methods of absorption on the skin determine their different prices. But as a common denominator, they all depend on your discipline and perseverance when using them. It’s that simple and straightforward!

And among the many options we have there is a basic one: hydration and more hydration.

I have studied it in my years as a journalist and personally verified that, using daily with great discipline an infinity of moisturizing products (many courtesy of the most expensive brands in the world and others very accessible, bought in pharmacies), my skin looks much younger and lush than women my own age who have not been constant in caring for their skin. And while I occasionally like to tan, it has always been my habit to immediately apply ‘tons’ of moisturizer after getting out of the sun.

A study on moisturizers from Harvard Health reminds us that moisturizer “traps the skin’s own water and thus helps fight dryness.”

In short: It is possible to ‘keep wrinkles and facial lines at bay’, delaying their inexorable appearance and smoothing your image, with the use of moisturizers (of the formula you prefer, more or less emollients and both in creams, such as lotions or oils and serums) if you establish a daily routine that does not fail, or forget. Of course, using an exfoliating product that removes dead skin cells helps even more when using your moisturizer next.

I’m not talking about “miracles”, but about proven facts based on your personal discipline. Dryness and roughness are smoothed and smoothed when we apply moisturizers. And so lines and wrinkles become less visible. And little by little – here the effect of daily constancy comes into play – your complexion takes on a new freshness and clarity.

Why not start this beauty plan today? You will see the good results.


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