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Matthew McConaughey (for now) gives up being governor of Texas – The HuffPost


Nov 29, 2021

Mario Anzuoni via Reuters

Matthew McConaughey pictured on September 7, 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

UNITED STATES – Matthew McConaughey is tentatively putting aside his political ambitions. Hollywood actor declared this Sunday, November 28 that he would ultimately not be running for governor of Texas, or at least not “for the moment”, after months of speculation.

“As a kid born in the small town of Uvalde in Texas, it never occurred to me that we could one day consider that I hold a political responsibility ”, explained the Oscar-winning actor in a 3-minute video, uploaded to his Instagram account and visible below.

The prospect of a candidacy of the star ofInterstellar, 52, had packed some leftist circles at odds with current Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, whose very restrictive law against abortion is contested before the Supreme Court the United States.

“It is an intimidating and inspiring path to reflect on. It is also a path that I choose not to take for the moment ”, he added.

McConaughey better placed than the Democratic candidate?

Some polls had suggested that Matthew McConaughey would fare better against Greg Abbott, in search of a third term – election scheduled for November 2022) – than Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke, former candidate for the Democratic presidential primary.

In early November, Matthew McConaughey hinted, in an interview with AFP at his home in Austin, that he might consider running for governor of Texas. “It’s a possible path,” he said. He described himself as “aggressively centrist”, adding: “Not because this is the place of great compromise, but because it is the place to be in relation to the left and the right. This is a daring niche, that of the outlaws. ”

In his video released Sunday, Matthew McConaughey explained that his thinking about state and national politics had taught him that “we had problems that we had to fix; that our political life had to have a new purpose ”and“ that we had fractures that would not heal ”.

The actor assured him, he will now use his time to support companies and foundations “that open the way for people to succeed in life”.

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