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Black Friday 2021 – The Dyson V12 Slim Absolute “4-star” stick vacuum cleaner at € 499.00 (-15%) – Les Numériques


Nov 28, 2021

The Dyson V12 Slim Absolute stick vacuum cleaner goes under 500 € at Ubaldi ie a reduction of around 15% on the price usually observed. It is currently one of our best value for money.

Presented as a reduced version of the V15 Detect, the V12 seems rather inspired by V11 released more than 2 years ago. Smaller, lighter and theoretically more manageable, will it live up to its glorious elder?

Logical successor ofV11, the Dyson V12 Slim is a little less enduring than its predecessor – which costs it the highest places on our podium – but just as recommendable. It gains in lightness – which is not a bad thing! – and demonstrates completely comparable suction performance. What’s more, the multicyclonic filtration remains perfect and does not let any dust particles escape from the device. Switching from fractional to continuous suction doesn’t really make a difference, although the switch position can sometimes be annoying.

Strong points

  • Autonomy estimate down to the minute.
  • Effective on all types of floors.
  • Perfect filtration.
  • Very simple maintenance.

Weak points

  • Location of the on / off button.
  • Autonomy still too tight.

As an alternative

With its unique soft roller brush, the Dyson V11 Parquet Extra is intended primarily for hard floors and fine carpets; surfaces on which it makes clear space. Like the V11 Absolute Extra, this version demonstrates versatility, maneuverability and efficiency on all surfaces. With its screen which provides practical information, the Point & Shoot system which ensures cleaning in good conditions and its removable battery, we really have nothing to complain about with this stick vacuum.

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