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They preach water and drink wine! Exminister put on government! – Pluska.sk


Nov 27, 2021

This was stated by Viera Leščáková, vice-chairwoman of the For People party and state secretary of the Ministry of Culture, in the RTVS Sobotné dialógy discussion program. According to her, the government is preparing measures.

Member of the National Council (NR) of the Slovak Republic and former Minister of Labor Ján Richter (Smer-SD) object to the lack of logistics in the government’s actions and criticized its unpreparedness.

“The situation is changing dramatically. The current measures are sufficient. However, they do not take into account the situation of the last hours, which will probably change the attitude of epidemiologists and infectologists.” Leščáková said.

According to Leščáková, Slovakia is in a critical situation

She stressed that Slovakia is already in a critical situation, although there is no omicron variant yet. In connection with its spread, it expects the government to take steps in the near future to restrict access from high-risk countries and other measures. She didn’t specify what.


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He thinks that health care will bring the low vaccination rates to its knees. She admitted that even the vaccinated could become infected, but pointed to statistics from hospitals where the vast majority of patients are unvaccinated. “That’s why we’re in favor of every measure that will motivate vaccinations,” she explained and criticized the current opposition, which she said was spreading lies.

She urged politicians to “of the heartless” they became responsible, they stood in front of the people together and said that vaccination was the way to go. He rejects the allegations of farming. “Let’s not be ridiculous. The vaccine costs 20 euros, the patient’s treatment on artificial lung ventilation 20 euros,” she pointed out.

You can find out what Richter pulled on Matovic on the next page.

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