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The world in danger of a new version of covid: How and where can we travel? The answers are brought by Klus together with this map! – Topky.sk


Nov 27, 2021

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We apply the “handbrake”

Trot says at the outset that despite Omikron’s presence in Europe, we can travel across borders, even through a lockdown, but given the increasingly “burgundy” EU and the new mutation, he recommends that travel be carefully considered. “Several countries, including our neighbors Austria and the Czech Republic, are temporarily canceling flights from South African countries or announcing further restrictions on passengers from this region of the world. The European Commission has officially proposed to EU member states to All air connections should therefore be suspended until we know what threat this option poses. ” Trot begins.

Source: ECDC

Travel is basically still possible

According to Klus, traveling to and from abroad is still possible. “Despite the lockdown, MR Štefánik Airport in Bratislava operates as before. Remember that all the requirements that passengers must meet in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic before entering,” states the Secretary of State, while he recommends to verify before departure as well web, where Slovaks will learn something about the measures in the country and whether it is possible to travel to it.

However, according to the available data, the Delta and Beta variants appear to be only slightly infectious than Omicron.

The world is in danger of the new

Source: Facebook / Martin Klus

Go back

“Upon arrival in Slovakia, passengers are still obliged to register via the form on the portal https://korona.gov.sk/ehranica/. All unvaccinated persons must undergo a quarantine upon arrival. In the case of unvaccinated commuters, registration once a month is sufficient. Children under the age of 12 and two months do not have to register. “ recalls the Trot Regulation on return.

The world is in danger of the new

Source: Facebook / Martin Klus, korona.gov.sk

The quarantine ends on 10 days if the person is vaccinated or asymptomatic

If the quarantine of the unvaccinated will have an asymptomatic course, it ends on the 10th day. It can also be terminated by a negative PCR test, which can be performed on day 5 at the earliest. Commuters are exempt from quarantine if they have a confirmation from the employer and a negative RT-PCR test result not older than 7 days. “When arriving in Slovakia by plane (to Bratislava or Košice) it is also necessary to fill in the form on the website: www.mindop.sk/covid/. In case of return from some countries (you can find the list on the website of the Ministry of Transport) test not older than 72 hours, ” adds Klus.

The world is in danger of the new

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

Traveling now is not a good idea

However, the trot, although it is still possible to travel, recommends Slovaks to consider it earlier. “Despite these measures, we strongly recommend that at a time when a curfew is in place in Slovakia and when measures are tightening abroad day by day, they should not travel unless they necessarily have to go to work or a close family. Every move “It represents an increased risk of” bringing “the disease back home to Slovakia and other potential complications for our loved ones and health professionals. Therefore, please be extremely careful and responsible these days!” he added.

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