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Omikron: Questions and answers about the new coronavirus variant – SME.sk


Nov 27, 2021

Nov 27, 2021 at 6:34 p.m. I Paid content

The omicron variant has a total of 50 mutations.

GABORONE, BRATISLAVA. It has up to 50 mutations, may be even more contagious than its predecessors, and threatens to reduce the effectiveness of the vaccines developed. A new variant of coronavirus, who got the name omicron, has already spread to Europe.

On Friday, the first case of omicron infection was reported by Belgium, Great Britain, Germany and Italy joined on Saturday.

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The new variant probably also reached the Czech Republic. Laboratories caught him at a woman from Liberec who returned from Africa Namibia. Nova TV reported that two sequencing tests confirmed the omicron infection in Liberec. The infection with the new variant is to be definitively confirmed by a third test.

What do we know about the new variant so far and can it also displace the high-infection delta? We provide an overview of questions and answers.

Where did omicron appear?

The first known sample confirming infection with the new omicron variant was taken on November 9 in Republic of South Africa. Later, the presence of this variant was also demonstrated for passengers moving from South Africa to Hong Kong.

In this case, according to the Guardian, it should be a 36-year-old man who had a negative PCR test before leaving Hong Kong for South Africa.

The man stayed in the south of the African continent for about three weeks, and two days after returning to Hong Kong, he passed the test with a positive result. Sequencing – which aimed to find out what variant the man became infected with – revealed that it was an omicron.

South African authorities disseminate the revised version coronavirus reported to the WHO on November 24.

Who has developed the new variant?

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