Igor Matovic has already presented three parts of his tax-reform reform, which he called “The Tax Revolution”. He described how he imagines the taxation of companies, employees, as well as family support.

Experts were not enthusiastic about his proposed solutions and, on the contrary, criticized him for many ideas. The Minister of Economy Richard Sulík himself also joined the criticism. He expressed his opinion on social network.


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“I feel like a watchmaker who, with a magnifying glass, a thin screwdriver and pliers in his hands, has created a gem of fine mechanics and Igorko comes in close to putting on the cover with a hammer and a hundred nails in his hand and pushes me away with the words ‘let me improve,'” the minister writes in his statute.

Sulík shocked with his statement, MatOVič’s reform is said to not include everything! You can read more HERE


Igor Matovic introduced tax-tax reform. What do you think of her?

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