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Laeticia Hallyday: for Thanksgiving, she shares tender photos with her daughters and Jalil Lespert – Close


Nov 27, 2021

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, Laeticia Hallyday shared tender photos on Friday, November 26, 2021, on her Instagram account. Johnny Hallyday’s widow had a great time with her daughters and Jalil Lespert.

Almost four years after the death of Johnny Hallyday, Little by little, Laeticia Hallyday is smiling again. In the arms of Jalil Lespert, she is happy again. Besides, the couple celebrated Thanksgiving together with the two daughters of the young idol widow, Joy and Jade. Friday November 26, 2021, the mother shared, on his Instagram account, some pictures of this beautiful moment with the family. “Grateful for everything. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Life has incredible ups and downs. Maybe the art is to feel it all at the same time“, she wrote in the caption of the photos where she is radiant. Internet users were seduced by the clichés. “Gorgeous“,”Your love is nice to see“,”Happy thanksgiving“,”be happy“,”You are beautiful my sweet enjoy your beautiful family yes there are ups and downs, but we must move forward hand in hand we are stronger all together“, can we read among the comments.

Since Jalil Lespert entered the life of Laeticia Hallyday, the latter seems more serene and fulfilled. It is thanks to Johnny Hallyday that the two lovers met. Indeed, the director had contacted her when he wanted to make a biopic on the life of the star of French song. Love at first sight was immediate. Since, they share life between France and Los Angeles and try to separate as little time as possible.

In the arms of Jalil Lespert, Laeticia Hallyday has found a smile

After having gone through very complicated moments since the death of the one she calls “my man”, Laeticia Hallyday is happy to finally regain a taste for life. Jalil Lespert and his two daughters have a lot to do with it. Even if she advances, she assures that there is not a day without her thinking about the idol of young people.

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