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Husband’s point: all you need to know about this gynecological mutilation done without the knowledge of postpartum women to promote male pleasure – Grazia


Nov 27, 2021

“We take stock of the husband? For you, there will be no difference, but that will please sir”, we give you everything you need to know about this dangerous practice, often done without the knowledge of women …

In recent years, networks have seized on this phenomenon which seriously harms women, for the simple pleasure of men. Husband’s point, consists of sew it up vagina of the woman a little tighter than it should after an episiotomy. Agnès Ledig, writer and midwife, highlighted this practice in a post published on Facebook. His text, taken up on the blog ofIsabelle Alonso, ex-dog on duty, launched the controversy on the Internet and in the press. And if many practitioners say they do not know the point of the husband, others do not hesitate to say that it does exist. In 2021, this mutilation is still relevant, Alison Dos Santos, illustrator under the name of La Grande Lizon, testifies to this violence in an Instagram post on November 22.

On the same subject

Gynecological violence: trivialized mutilation

Yes Alison dos santos decided to do this post, it’s for alert to this mutilation. She confided in our colleagues from Huffpost on the fact that she had no knowledge of this practice, before discovering it “years later, through a program”, and realize that she was a victim. With her post, she realizes that many women had suffered this same mutilation, without knowing it. This practice is trivialized by the doctors, who affirm to the women, that for them, it does not change absolutely nothing, that it is about a banal intervention, but that it will promote the pleasure of the husband. The problem ? Doctors generally do not seek advice and consent from women.

The suffering of women

The husband’s point is more than just scarring. In 2014, The world questioned Chantal Ducroux-Schouwey, president of the CIANE associative collective, around this practice. “We have collected many testimonies which show that it is something extremely badly experienced by women, sometimes like rape, (…), it is all the same a scar that it will bear all its life. life“. This practice is not trivial, since women suffer from it during intercourse. Many are those, having testified to their inability to have relations sex without pain, after childbirth, without understanding what it was due to. Husband’s point can create a need for rehabilitation, and sometimes even a additional intervention to remove the created obstacle. If the illustrator Alison Dos Santos, had the idea, and the desire, to make this post, it is especially for alert women to this practice and make it stop.


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