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New night of violence in Martinique: a gas station looted and set on fire, a post office attacked with a tractor in Fort-de-France – Martinique the 1st – Overseas the 1st


Nov 27, 2021

5th night of violence in Martinique. The facts focused on Fort-de-France and in the north of the territory, from Friday 26 to Saturday 27 November 2021.

A dozen interventions by firefighters for fires in garbage cans or vehicles that night in Fort-de-France and in the north. “We intervened under the protection of the police or gendarmes only in those cases where there was a risk of fire spreading.“, indicates the direction of the STIS (Territorial Fire and Rescue Service).

Population, firefighters and police officers dumbfounded …

© Jannick Dulio

The most serious facts concern the city of Fort-de-France. During the night of Friday 26 to Saturday 27 November 2021, rioters attacked and destroyed the post office in Godissard with a tractor.

They took the cash machine, of course. They farted it, got the money back and set it on fire “, tells a resident in shock.

Godissard post destroyed with a tractor

© Jannick Dulio

Further on, the thugs attacked a gas station to rob the shop… before setting it on fire.

Attack on a gas station in Godissard.

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In the rest of the city, trash fires were lit in the Dillon, Terres Sainvilles, Redoute, Didier neighborhoods …

In Schoelcher dam set on fire in the Ravine Touza roundabout. Fire of a vehicle in the Batelière district with the reinforcement of the gendarmes because young people were in ambush to throw various projectiles at the firefighters.

Garbage fires in Saint-Pierre, in front of the church or in front of the museum, among others. Radar fire in Le Morne Red and start of fire on the public road in front of the town hall.

STIS agents also intervened in Lorrain for an arson in front of the church. In Gros Morne, on fire dams as well as in Trinidad.

In all, around ten interventions and nearly 350 calls for help. “As much as the previous nights“, note the firefighters.

According to our information, the headquarters of the municipal police in Fort-de-France was broken into, “with theft of weapons and scooters“, according to officials of the national police, themselves victims of gunfire at avenue Maurice Bishop and Lamentin.

Many very targeted burglaries, concerning the towns of Lamentin and Fort-de-France. An attempted theft from an automatic ticket machine in the Dillon district in Fort-de-France failed thanks to the intervention of the police.

Police say they have made 11 arrests.

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