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An illustrator denounces the practice of the “husband’s point”, which some women undergo after childbirth – Demotivateur


Nov 27, 2021

Through a drawing accompanied by a poignant testimony, an illustrator denounces the practice known as the “husband’s point”, a “ mutilation »Medical conditions that some women undergo during childbirth.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, women’s freedom to speak has helped lift the veil on the many abuses that women suffer.

Reprehensible behavior and acts that come in many forms.

Illustration with the hashtag # PayeTonUtérus which, since 2014, lists the testimonies of several women victims of obstetric and gynecological brutality.

This is particularly the case of Alison Dos Santos, better known under the name of “La Grande Lizon”, the pseudonym that this talented designer uses on Instagram, where she used to post to her 70,000 followers drawings illustrating her daily life as a mother.

An illustrator denounces the “point of the husband”, this practice suffered by some women after an episiotomy

On November 22, Alison thus published on the social network a drawing in which she denounces the “husband’s point”, a clandestine medical practice that certain women undergo after thechildbirth.

This consists of stitching up an episiotomy (the incise made when the newborn’s head risks tearing the mother’s perineum) with one or two additional stitches, which would be likely to increase the pleasure. of man during sex. An unfounded claim according to specialists.

This taboo subject, which young mothers have been discussing for several years now on specialized forums, was the subject of an article published in 2014 by the feminist activist. Isabelle Alonso on his blog.

At the time, the words of the former columnist of Laurent Ruquier had aroused many reactions. Some denounced a ” mutilation When others, more skeptical, expressed serious doubts.

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But the point is, this practice does exist and Alison Dos Santos knows it all too well.

During my first childbirth I had the forceps and an episiotomy, I had to be stitched up, the gynecologist makes me points. The epidural was no longer working too much and I felt the thread go … horrible and painful », She confides in her post.

The gynecologist groaned because I was moving, in vain I told him that I felt everything and that it hurt me, it did not interest him. But he was ‘kind’ to my husband and came out with this sentence that I will remember all my life: I still see him between my legs and say ‘we are going to do this well for sir’ She continues.

At the time, Alison does not understand, then finally forgets with time and moves on. It’s only ” years later She finally understood what the doctor meant.

It is (…) during a program that I discovered the term ‘the husband’s point’, I was amazed by this practice and I finally understood why this asshole said this sickening sentence, he butchered me and he took advantage of my vulnerability at the moment », She says.

The pieces of the puzzle came together and I got a lot of anger, it’s just a dismemberment », She indicates to our colleagues from Huffington Post.

Considering to have been mutilated, Alison Dos Santos wants to warn about the dangers of the practice and encourages women to denounce it.

My childbirth is almost 10 years old, I hope this kind of ‘practice’ tends to disappear. In any case, girls if you had to undergo stitches during your childbirth and it is painful, it is not normal, you must report it to your midwife or gynecologist! », We can read in conclusion of his Instagram post.

The message has passed!

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